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Monday Coffee Day 2 – Live Updates from Team ‘23 in Las Vegas

This event has passed.

Get ready for another exciting day of event updates from Team ‘23 in Las Vegas! Join Biro Florin, Nikki Zavadska, and Cody Wooten as we go live from Appfire’s booth (booth #1) for Monday Coffee Day 2. We’ll bring you the latest news and updates on keynotes, Appfire’s speaking sessions, and notable dine-arounds, while sharing coffee and chats with special guests. Tune in for a chance to ask your questions during our Q&A session with the livestream viewers. See you on Thursday, April 20 at 10 am PST for a fun-filled hour of live updates and engaging conversations!


  • Intro and welcome message from Biro, Cody, and Nikki.
  • Report on Team ‘23 keynotes and Appfire sessions.
  • Coffee and chat with special guests from the event.
  • Discussion of notable dine-arounds.
  • Q&A session with the livestream viewers.
  • Closing remarks and thank you message.

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