Expert Software Engineer

Appfire is an enterprise collaboration software company that enables teams to plan and deliver their best work. Since launching in 2005 as one of the original Atlassian ecosystem partners, Appfire has built a portfolio of top-selling apps for more than 30,000 customers — including 55% of Fortune 500 companies. As a product-led company, Appfire identifies gaps in industries serving developers and client support teams and then builds solutions that drive productivity and efficiency. 

Appfire continues to grow exponentially, with teams spanning 20+ countries. We are financially strong, continuously meeting or exceeding revenue targets, and we invest heavily in strengthening the foundation of our organization. Being philanthropic is integral to operating our business, so we donate 1% of employee time, product, profit, and equity as part of our Pledge 1% commitment.

Come join our team!

Expert Engineer at Appfire has a cross-team impact – you’ll be solving the most challenging (and rewarding) matters like the performance and reliability of our Cloud apps, data residency and automatic cross-region data migration, and end-to-end testing. Of course, not every day will be about re-architecting our existing products, starting a new product or saving the world. So expect to spend a lot of time working as a part of our product teams and devote your talent to deliver features that will delight our existing customers, or create new opportunities.

You’ll work side-by-side with our strongest people (listed in order of experience, descending):

  • Bartek Z. – Architect, 19+ years in software development and 6+ years in Architect role. You’ll love every interaction with Bartek and be amazed at how he combines technical knowledge and product (read: customer) thinking.
  • Roman L. – VP of Product Engineering, 18+ years in IT, passionate about Cloud technologies and engineering excellence. Roman is experienced in growing leaders, and he is all about delegation and trust!
  • Oleh Zh. – HOPE (Head of Product Engineering), 17+ years of professional experience; calm and knowledgeable; learning and adjusting as he goes.
  • Jarosław B. – 13+ years in IT; heavy in frontend technologies; open for experimentation and not afraid of starting his own business; experienced in leading cross-functional teams.
  • Jędrzej J. – 11+ years of experience in software engineering and leadership roles; full of entrepreneurial spirit and desire to improve;
  • Vasilii K. – 10+ years in software development, running his own product in parallel and being adored by his team since he stepped into the TL role.

What you will do at Appfire: 

  • Build the future – you’ll have a real impact on the roadmap and features of the existing products;
  • Guide teams from a concept to deliverable and improve the way we deliver;
  • Help us further develop one of our products! Which one? It depends on your skills, experience, passion and our current investment priorities. The reality changes too quickly to set such things in stone;
  • Perform hands-on software development in a variety of technologies (see our stack below) along with the team by implementing features, automated tests, fixing bugs, and doing code reviews; we don’t pigeonhole people in front-end or back-end silos;
  • Teach others how to apply architecture patterns, inject security into systems design, meet a high code quality standard, and improve their future performance – through code reviews & knowledge sharing (internal & external);
  • Contribute to the standards of operational excellence and own quality (performance, scale, rollout plans).

Our tech stack (varies depending on a product):

  • JavaScript technologies: Node.js, Vue.js, React, Webpack, TypeScript;
  • Java, Maven, Spring, .NET with C# (gradually replaced with JavaScript stuff where it makes sense);
  • Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Heroku, Mongo Cloud, AWS.

What you need to have:

  • Great communication skills, capability of influencing others, advising Product Managers and Product Teams on the best path to achieve goals;
  • Ability of seeing around the corners – identifying risks and bad solutions, before they manifest;
  • Hands-on experience (10+ years) with various front-end and back-end web technologies. Whereas we appreciate the breadth, we expect the depth even more!
  • Be a software engineer role model: nothing is impossible, it’s a matter of asking the right questions and picking the appropriate technology. A proven record of complex software solutions is how we check that;
  • Strong theoretical foundations of computer science – algorithms, computational complexity, OOP. Technologies come and go, good engineering practices remain;
  • Good understanding of modern Cloud architectures, and practical experience implementing them in GCP, AWS, or Azure;
  • Deep architectural understanding of web applications, including performance, quality, and security aspects;
  • Good grasp of SQL and relational databases;
  • Command of English at level B2 or higher.