Power BI Jira Connector

Power BI Jira Connector

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Get the guide to connecting Jira and Power BI for sophisticated data visualization

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Learn how to connect Jira and Power BI for a quick, secure, and reliable integration

For many companies managing, combining, and analyzing data is a key area of focus. If you’ve got data in lots of places — like Jira, Jira Service Management, and other third party apps — we’ve got good news for you. We’ve put together this guide on integrating Jira (along with other sources) with Power BI for powerful data visualization, comprehensive views, and actionable insights.

Why connect Jira and Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful data visualization platform that combines data from multiple sources so users can create interactive dashboards and reports for actionable insights. If your organization also uses Jira, you’ll want to combine and visualize data from different Jira instances, Jira projects, and other data sources in Power BI for insights that will help you tackle Jira related KPIs and sprint metrics.

What’s included in the guide
  • Why you should bring Jira data into Power BI
  • Build vs. Buy: Why get a connector
  • Why you’ll want Appfire’s Power BI Jira Connector
  • Key features of Power BI Jira Connector
  • How to set up your Jira and Power BI connection
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Download the guide

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