Appfire gives back during volunteer day with Ruth’s Reusable Resources

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On a fall day in Portland, Maine (home to Appfire Co-founder and CEO Randall Ward), members of our executive leadership team came together to volunteer at Ruth’s Reusable Resources (3Rs). The organization’s mission is to ensure that all students, from pre-K through high school, have the basic supplies and creative tools for literacy, STEAM, and health education through the environmentally conscious distribution of donated business supplies.

Randall was joined by Appfire Co-founder Mat Gauvin, President and COO Bob Nicholson, Chief Financial Officer Hayden Condon, Senior Vice President of Customer Research and Insights Steve Rankel, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Growth Andy Boyd, General Counsel Christine Alpers, Chief People Officer Jagdish Chugani, Chief of Staff Chris Brogan, and Executive Assistant Ellen Davia.

Each year, children in Maine attend school without needed pencils, paper, and other basic supplies. At the same time, local businesses dispose of these same basic items. 3Rs bridges the gap between business and education by transferring unwanted supplies to children and their teachers. Since launching in 1994, 3Rs has given away more than $84 million in surplus furniture, paper, books, office supplies, and computers to Maine schools and nonprofits.

“At Appfire, volunteering is at the very core of Being Human. It is in our DNA and a big part of our company culture.”

– Jagdish Chugani, Chief People Officer, Appfire

During their October visit to 3Rs, Ruth Libby herself was there to work with Appfire. The participants split into four teams, managing tasks from unpacking, sorting, and stacking to breaking down materials to be further recycled. The team spent three hours volunteering with support from the 3Rs staff, completing more than six months of backlogged work.

Since the start of the pandemic, 3Rs has seen a shortage of volunteers and has fallen behind on the important work that so many in Maine depend on from them. With truckloads of materials arriving each day to be sorted and recycled, the staff has struggled to keep up.

“We’re proud of the programs and partnerships and the thousands of volunteer hours that Appfire employees have donated. This is just one example of how we continue to leverage our resources for good,” said Randall. “For 27 years, Ruth and the 3Rs team have given generously of themselves in support of countless students and faculty across Maine. Helping Ruth and her team was incredibly energizing and rewarding.”

As part of our Pledge1% partnership, Appfire commits 1% of our product, profit, equity, and employee time to supporting charitable organizations of their choice. 1% of our time equates to roughly five minutes per day or 2.5 days per year.

“At Appfire, volunteering is at the very core of Being Human. It is in our DNA and a big part of our company culture,” said Jagdish. “Working alongside Ruth and her team was an opportunity to put our pledge into action. It was also a chance to come together as our Appfire family often does to make a difference in the quality of life for communities nearby and across the globe.”

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(Members of Appfire’s executive leadership team with 3Rs Founder Ruth Libby (front, center))
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(Appfire’s Chief People Officer Jagdish Chugani)
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(Appfire volunteers get a briefing from Ruth Libby at 3Rs)
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(Appfire Co-founder Randall Ward)
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(Appfire Co-founders Mat Gauvin (left) and Randall Ward with Ruth Libby)
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