Appfire has acquired Artemis Software

Artemis, maker of apps that help boost team productivity, joins our family of brands

We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Artemis Software, Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner and creator of several popular Atlassian apps, including favorites like MultiExcerpt and Copy Page Tree. Both of these apps, along with many others in Artemis’ portfolio, make it easier for teams to manage and share content in Confluence.

The highly-skilled Artemis team is also joining Appfire, including Founder Brendan Patterson and Chief Architect Bob Bergman. Both bring deep institutional knowledge of the Atlassian ecosystem. Brendan was the first US-based Atlassian Partner back in 2005 and Bob formerly worked at Atlassian, where he helped co-create Atlassian Connect, Atlassian’s cloud app development framework.

“The founders of Artemis bring a wealth of cloud development experience, combined with a keen knowledge of scaling products in those environments,” said Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO, Appfire. “It’s an exciting time in the app development community and we look forward to leveraging Artemis’ cloud architecture expertise as more development teams are moving their platforms to the cloud.”

About Artemis Software

Artemis Software was founded in 1998 as a consulting business focused on custom software development. After discovering Confluence, Artemis went on to become the first US-based Atlassian Partner in 2005. Since then, Artemis has continued to focus on building solutions to help companies optimize their collaborative environments by leveraging Atlassian tools and is a Platinum Marketplace Partner.

“Since our inception, Artemis Software has been focused on helping customers drive adoption of and customize their Atlassian products,” said Brendan Patterson, founder, Artemis Software. “We look forward to this next phase of our product development with the Appfire team. The resources for marketing, finance, and operations that this acquisition offers us is a win for us and the developer community.”

What does this mean for Artemis’ customers?

Appfire is committed to providing teams with all-star product support and continuous improvements to their Atlassian experience through innovative apps. With 15 years of expertise in the Atlassian ecosystem, our product brands comprise the largest portfolio of apps on the Atlassian Marketplace — so we’re well-versed in helping teams of all different sizes and across every industry.

When it comes time to renew licenses, Artemis customers won’t have to worry about any changes in the renewal process and will be able to simply renew their apps through the Atlassian Marketplace or an Atlassian reseller.

For more information about our acquisition of Artemis Software, read the full news release. You can also learn more about these apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

We’re here to help all Atlassian teams achieve great things, so please don’t hesitate to contact our support teams if you have questions about this change or any of your Appfire products.

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