Appfire Joins the Bay Area Coalition in Mobilizing Support for COVID-19 Efforts in India

In conjunction with several other companies and Pledge 1%, Appfire is contributing to the more than $26M raised for organizations to carry out philanthropic efforts in India in the midst of the devastating COVID-19 crisis. To increase our collective impact and inspire others to get involved, 42 companies have joined forces to date in order to support a set of common needs across India.

Initial funds will be deployed to target a range of efforts through trusted partners:

  • The American India Foundation is mobilizing efforts to source ventilators for hospitals and deliver hygiene kits to frontline health workers and migrant communities.
  • CARE India and CARE USA are using the funds to provide essential hospital services, beds, and life support systems across 14 states in partnership with central and state governments.
  • The United Way of Hyderabad is addressing food and economic insecurity, in addition to supporting the establishment of community isolation centers, providing medical supplies, and advancing vaccine awareness and uptake.

We are heartbroken over the tragedy unfolding in India,” said Sasha Corken, Director of Global Human Resources at Appfire. “That is why we believe it is so important to support this coalition to deliver resources where they are needed most. Beyond that, we will do everything we can to ensure access to care and supplies for our Appfire family in India — our employees and their families. Nothing is more important to us than their health and wellbeing.

Appfire has set to work internally to support its team members in India. We’ve worked to make medical professionals available via virtual consults, provide access to home testing services in partnership with a lab in Hyderabad, send out Covid safety supply kits, provide vaccination support for employees and their family members, and introduce additional measures to ease financial constraints due to Covid-related medical expenses. A dedicated Emergency Response Team has also been set up for increased employee support.

India is currently dealing with a more severe second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and infections are rising quickly,” said Venkatesh Durgam, Regional HR Manager in Hyderabad for Appfire. “Our leadership team has been closely monitoring the situation and working with team members across the globe to take up practical measures to support all employees and their families in these trying times.

Our #1 core value is “Be Human” and giving back is part of our DNA. As we remember our own humanity, we urge other companies to join us in supporting our colleagues and communities in India during this evolving crisis.

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