partnership news: Planning Poker and Dashboard Hub are now available on the app marketplace 

Last month, we announced an exciting partnership with Our organizations share a common goal of improving the way teams work together, and through this partnership, users will have access to Appfire apps that help make work flow. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce the first two apps that are available on the app marketplace: Planning Poker and Dashboard Hub. This is our first launch of many, and represents our ongoing commitment to connect every team so they can plan and deliver their best work.

If your team uses to plan and deliver your work, read on and try Planning Poker and Dashboard Hub today! 

Planning Poker

Planning Poker for provides users with an interactive model in a game-play format that encourages group discussion and collaboration. This app is the ideal solution for Agile teams, offering an easy way to reach accurate, consensus-based estimations that enhance a team’s ability to plan realistic sprints and deliver project-based work. 

With Planning Poker, tasks like voting, sharing, and setting estimates are made easy and efficient. The app streamlines estimation sessions with simple visual feedback and real-time voting, making estimation sessions more rewarding and collaborative. Votes are even kept private until team members are ready with all of their estimates, to avoid bias. The easy-to-use, game-play format empowers teams to collaborate, whether they are distributed or in person.

Dashboard Hub

Better data leads to many potential benefits, such as innovative new ideas, enhanced customer experiences, new business opportunities, and more. The challenge in working with data is organizing it in a way that makes it easy to derive insights and value. This is where Dashboard Hub comes into play. Every department and team across an organization, regardless of their skill level, can use this app to create powerful dashboards with the data relevant to them.

Leveraging Dashboard Hub for, users can create unified views of data through dashboards, garnering insights from data that they couldn’t visualize before, such as reporting on CRM sales and development insights. The versatility of Dashboard Hub allows users to uncover insights on or connect multiple data sources across the Work OS platform. Teams can share business data and insights gathered from across various work management platforms.

These rich dashboards serve as a central hub for teams to analyze, collaborate, and share business data and insights, empowering them to ultimately make better decisions. With Dashboard Hub, visualization around data is simplified. The platform creates charts with formulas and nearly 100 metrics that can be shared in seconds. It’s also easy to use and deploy. With this app, teams have access to nearly 100 different gadgets and metrics for robust reporting, including the Formula Cards gadget to calculate business metrics, and the Sales Leaderboard gadget to show rankings of sales representatives. Dashboard Hub for turns dashboards into a single source of truth for all teams across the organization, strengthening data visualization, streamlining workflows, and reducing the number of tools needed.

Both of these apps are now available, and this is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to bringing more apps to the app marketplace. There’s a lot of great work going on behind the scenes and we can’t wait to share more details with you. Stay tuned for updates!

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