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Last week, Appfire donated 300 toiletry bags to Rosie’s Place, a women’s shelter in Boston, Massachusetts. Appfire team members came together from across the United States during the holidays last month to organize shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, moisturizer, lip balm, toothpaste, and toothbrushes purchased by Appfire into individual reusable, eco-friendly bags for guests of Rosie’s Place.

We filled 3 SUVs with the totes, along with several boxes of additional toiletries, to deliver to the shelter. Additionally, team members purchased blankets, gloves, and hats from the Rosie’s Place Amazon Wish List, and those items arrived a few days before Christmas.

This effort was led by Appfire’s Operations team, and aligns with our focus on giving back to the community. “At Appfire, giving back is in our DNA, and being philanthropic is integral to operating our business,” said Appfire’s Vice President of Operations Alex Fuentes. “Giving back is something we are really proud of, and we celebrate together that we can do something like this as part of our everyday life here.” 

Supporting families in need during an unprecedented time

Rosie’s Place was founded in 1974 as one of the first women-only shelters in the United States. What began as a safe place for poor and homeless women to get a bed and a meal has grown into a community center providing wide-ranging support, education, and outreach services to 12,000 women a year.

“Giving back is something we are really proud of, and we celebrate together that we can do something like this as part of our everyday life here.”

Alex Fuentes Author—Alex Fuentes, Vice President of Operations, Appfire

“We chose to partner with Rosie’s Place for our year-end charitable effort because, in the face of the continuing COVID pandemic, the demand is greater than ever for the resources the organization provides,” said Alex. “Rosie’s Place is a go-to for support from beginning to end, from ensuring that families can find shelter and access to healthy food to making sure women who fear losing their homes have an advocate in their corner.” 

While Rosie’s Place offers a dining room as well as a food pantry, Appfire chose to focus on additional supplies families rely on to take care of themselves and their well being. “It’s important for these families to have access to the essentials needed for self care — those items we all use to feel more confident and ready to face the world,” said Alex. “We appreciate that Rosie’s Place focuses on those aspects of care as well. There are so many underserved individuals and families facing homelessness, abuse, and joblessness during this unprecedented time. They need someone to give them hope. For that, we are so thankful for the work of Rosie’s Place.” 

Continuing a tradition of giving back

At Appfire, giving back has always been a priority. That’s why in 2015 we joined a network of organizations committed to philanthropy through Pledge 1%. Last year, we announced Appfire will donate 1% of the equity in our business to Pledge 1% to continue the movement to inspire, educate, and empower companies to leverage their assets to be that force for good.

Learn more about how you can get involved with or give back to Rosie’s Place. 

(In January, Appfire’s Operations team members Evandro Tavares and Alex Fuentes delivered 300 bags of toiletries to Rosie’s Place)
(In December, Appfire team members gathered at our headquarters in Burlington, MA, to fill toiletry kits)

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