Clone multiple issues at once with a handy feature for Clone Plus for Jira

Clone Plus for Jira is a Jira admin favorite when it comes to quickly cloning and customizing issues. The app’s flexible nature allows admins to decide and adjust what’s copied from the original issue into the cloned issue.

But what if you need to clone and customize several issues at once? That’s where Clone Plus’ time-saving feature, Bulk Clone, comes in handy!

Jira admins can use Bulk Clone to clone multiple issues (from the same or different projects) into a specific project as a particular issue type. Like single-issue cloning, bulk clone users can change fields values and control what is copied over. Bulk Clone is useful when you’re looking to quickly clone a project, part of a project, or parts of different projects, potentially saving hours of lost time.

Check out some examples of how resourceful customers use Bulk Clone to save time and achieve their administrative goals.

One customer, a software consulting firm, shared that they use Clone Plus to populate new projects when they onboard clients. While each project is unique, it often contains similar issues to projects the company has done in the past. For instance, when a client asked the team to build a new website, they used Clone Plus to bulk clone multiple issues from a similar project into the new one. The cloned issues created a solid foundation for the new project, saving the team a ton of time.

Another customer uses Clone Plus and its bulk cloning feature to make collaboration easier across two mobile teams – iOS and Android. The iOS team usually leads the way when it comes to the development of a new feature. Once the feature is launched, the Android team gets a head start by bulk cloning the iOS team’s relevant issues into their own project. Doing so reduces redundancy, increases collaboration, and saves time. Here is a quick demo that illustrates this scenario!

While Clone Plus’s bulk cloning functionality fits multiple use cases, the value it brings to teams is clear. It makes cloning a project, part of a project, or parts of different projects a breeze. If you’re looking to save time, give Clone Plus for Jira and its bulk cloning feature a try! 

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