The Jira project tracking and reporting dynamic duo: Dashboard Hub + Projectrak

Dashboard Hub for Jira and Projectrak integration

Many teams rely on Jira and Jira Service Management to manage and track all different kinds of work across their organizations. Whether it’s an IT team managing internal service requests or a software team working on the next big product launch, projects play a key role in how teams collaborate and get work done.

This is why we’re so excited to announce the integration between our simple and flexible reporting solution, Dashboard Hub for Jira – Reports & Charts, and DEISER’s powerful project tracking solution, Projectrak – Project Tracking for Jira. Projectrak allows you to add custom fields at the project level, which provides essential project information for work management and reporting purposes. 

Now, you can pull this project-level data into gadgets and dashboards in Dashboard Hub to easily share critical business insights across your team and organization.

Dashboard Hub + Projectrak Integration

Project Query Language (PQL) is the powerful language that drives Projectrak, so we added a new PQL Custom Chart gadget within Dashboard Hub that allows you to build custom charts and tables from your project tracking data using PQL. 

A dashboard built in Dashboard Hub with data pulling in from Projectrak

Let’s see this in action! Here’s an ITSM team dashboard with several different reports from various Atlassian tools, including a Jira Service Management queue, SLA metrics, customer satisfaction metrics, workload reports, Projectrak data, and more. The flexibility to add gadgets from different sources means you can customize your dashboard to show exactly what’s useful to your team or organization. Learn more about how to use this integration to build Jira dashboards specifically for IT service management projects.

Share project-level reports with your team

Once you’ve built your dashboard to track projects (and any other key insights from your Atlassian tools), Dashboard Hub makes it easy to safely share these dashboards with others. You’re able to limit who has permission to see certain dashboards and you can even share a link to individual dashboards if you want to share them with people outside your organization who don’t have access to your Jira or Confluence instance.

More gadgets and templates coming soon!

We’re continuing to work with our friends at DEISER to make this integration even better! Dashboard Hub comes with over 60 pre-configured templates for all different types of reporting needs, including DevOps, ITSM, and Scrum, and we are working on a new Project Tracking Insights template and several customizable gadgets specifically for this integration. The dashboard template will include a gadget to view all your projects at a high level, including the status, priority, lead, end date, and related projects. Additional gadgets will let you drill deeper into project metrics like status analysis, workload by team member, timelines, and more. 

If you’re already using both Dashboard Hub and Projectrak separately, simply set up a datasource for Projectrak to start building your project tracking dashboards in Dashboard Hub. If you’re new to either product, give them both a try for free on the Atlassian Marketplace

The Dashboard Hub team is constantly working to add new integrations, so have a look at our supported products and let us know if there’s one you want to see.

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