Happy Anniversary to Appfire: We’re 15 years old!

15 years ago, Appfire was born.

Sitting on the floor in an empty office after wrapping up a business venture together, our co-founders Randall Ward and Mat Gauvin, along with our founding Engineer Ajay Singh, decided to start a company to help teams make great things together.

The three friends had worked together building custom software for a variety of clients and observed that applications were getting smaller and more niche, more pluggable — well before Apple and Google launched the first app stores. APIs were just evolving, and we saw an opportunity to focus on micro applications as products. Sure enough, that became the way of the world. And Appfire was born.

Partnering with Atlassian

Fast forward a few years, and Appfire was one of Atlassian’s first partners, first hack-a-thon participants, and first Summit sponsors. While making a name for ourselves as a professional services organization and opening our first international office in Hyderabad, we also experimented with early products that extended and enhanced Atlassian’s flagship products, Jira and Confluence. These early ventures experienced modest success on the newly launched Atlassian Marketplace and further validated our founders’ intention to become a 100% product-focused company. Thus began a major, years-long transformation for Appfire that continues today.

A major transformation

In 2013, Appfire acquired the Bob Swift portfolio of plugins, bringing Bob into the family and building an army of engineers around him to help scale his success. In 2015, we acquired Wittified and fortified that team as well. And in the short years that followed, we wound down our services work, built a legendary product support team, and scaled our other internal teams for finance, HR, operations, marketing, design, product management, and business systems. We prioritized product development work around building things that matter for the people we’re trying to help. We created an international platform for curating, growing, and innovating successful apps for teams.

An incredible journey, yet somehow only the beginning…

A pivotal 15th year for our family

In just our 15th year as a company, we sold a product to fellow Atlassian vendor resolution, bought two apps from fellow partner Praecipio, received our first outside funding ever from Silversmith Capital Partners, acquired the team at Botron and their portfolio of top-selling change management tools, and most recently acquired Beecom Products and their widely popular workflow customization product.

But those are just the headlines.

The real magic of our 15th year has been the way our family has grown together through all the ups and downs. With a global pandemic as the backdrop, we’ve leaned on each other more than ever before while also growing our team by 50% this year. We expanded into two new international offices in Sofia and Zurich, forging a bigger global presence than ever before. We welcomed our new investment partners as members of the family, recognizing that they share the same values we do in being human, lighting the way, and thriving on change.

We also know that the entire reason we exist is our customers — the teams everywhere that use our tools to make what’s next, whether that’s a space exploration program or an automation script that saves precious time at work. We can’t thank our customers enough. After all, they’re the reason we build software.

Celebrate this pivotal year with us by watching this short video highlighting our expanded global team and some of our most cherished moments from the last 12 months together.

Join us for the ride!

Led by our incredible founders and supported by countless amazing advisors and team members, we’ve built something pretty special here at Appfire. And after 15 exhilarating years, we’re just getting started. Want to join in the fun? Take a look at our job openings and see if one is a fit for you!

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