Highlights from the 2020 Appfire Maker Awards

We are delighted to share that the first ever Appfire Maker Awards were a smashing success! We kicked off this program in 2020 to recognize customers who are using our apps to solve tough challenges at work. And boy, were we blown away! We truly loved reading every submission that came in. This year, we identified four finalists and one grand prize winner, Maker of the Year.

2020 Featured Makers (finalists)

The four finalists for the 2020 year are Sean Sweeney, Peter Macdonald, Alex Medved, and Inayat Nahvi. Each of their stories demonstrated creativity and included helpful details and metrics to explain their challenge and solution. As finalists, each of these individuals received a limited-edition Appfire collector’s item, such as a Bob Swift bobblehead.

Sean Sweeney

Sean, a GIS Programmer Analyst at The City of Cambridge municipality, submitted a story about overcoming single-person dependencies on his team with the help of Bob Swift’s SQL for Confluence. As Sean tells it, each member of his eight-person team needed regular status updates from five different Esri spatial databases. Only Sean knew how to access these databases with SQL Server, so he set up a secure Confluence space with a dedicated page to manually update and disseminate this data to all the appropriate stakeholders. However, this process quickly created a bottleneck and a strain on Sean’s time and sanity.

Database sttus


He found SQL for Confluence on the Marketplace and configured connections between his Confluence page and each database. Now updates are pulled in automatically without Sean needing to be involved, and team members can access the real-time data when they need it. On top of that, Sean shared that others at City of Cambridge have since come up with additional ways to use the app, and it’s now a favorite app of several teams within the IT department. We loved this example of reducing a bottleneck and sharing the team success to inspire others at the organization. Great work, Sean!

Read the full story: How City of Cambridge eliminates single-person dependencies in monitoring SQL databases

Peter Macdonald

Peter, a Jira Systems Administrator in Australia, shared details about how he uses Bob Swift’s Command Line Interface apps to automate some of his most mundane tasks to free up time for other valuable projects. Peter simplified a complex, manual user authorization process by creating Jira user groups with specific permissions and then using two CLI apps (Jira CLI and Run CLI Actions in Jira) to auto-assign users to the appropriate groups.


In another case, he used Jira CLI to merge two Jira instances and their 270+ projects into another existing Jira instance. We loved learning about how Peter’s creativity and confidence with the CLI allowed him to turn manual tasks like user management and migrations into streamlined, efficient processes. Well done, Peter!

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Alex Medved

Alex is the Founder at Vertuna, LLC, another Atlassian Marketplace vendor. He shared that his company pairs Bob Swift’s Cache for Confluence with their ConfiForms app, which helps teams of all shapes and sizes create and collect data through built-in forms in Confluence. The more forms that are completed, the more data that is generated, and the harder Confluence has to work to display this data in pages.

Cache pages

By embedding the ConfiForms macro in Bob Swift’s Cache macro, data-heavy pages are cached in the initial load and therefore load easier each time the page is refreshed. This means they’re able to display data-heavy pages (up to 2,000 records per page!) in record time. We loved Vertuna’s creativity in pairing their app with one of ours to help their customers go further. Congratulations, Alex!

Read the full story: How Vertuna LLC improves page performance and load times on data-heavy Confluence pages

And announcing our 2020 Maker of the Year… (drumroll, please!)…

Maker of the Year
Inayat Nahvi

Inayat told us about his time as an Atlassian administrator at Poly, and how he used Botron’s Configuration Manager for Jira to merge two Jira server instances into one. Poly was born out of an acquisition, and each company involved had their own Jira instances complete with unique issues, projects, fields, users, and tons of other data. As the teams started working together under their new name, engineers and managers found it difficult and impractical to operate out of both Jira applications, and merging the two systems became inevitable.

What Inayat found with Configuration Manager was an app that could ensure a zero-data-loss migration, the ability to deploy changes in a staging environment, and the flexibility to selectively merge some data and not others — all with minimal downtime for the end users. We loved reading Inayat’s story about using one of our apps to address an enterprise-level challenge. Congratulations, Inayat!

Read the full story: How Poly successfully merged two Jira servers with zero data loss

As Maker of the Year, Inayat is receiving two years of the Appfire app of his choice, a Maker of the Year trophy to display on his desk, a $1500 gift card to the Apple store, and of course, special recognition and love from all of us at Appfire.

Thank you to all who shared stories with us through this program. Stay tuned for an update on the 2021 Awards program!

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