How Vertuna LLC improves page performance and load times on data-heavy Confluence pages

Learn why Cache for Confluence became this team’s go-to choice for helping their customers quickly view large reports in Confluence.

Vertuna LLC, a fellow Atlassian Marketplace Partner based in Estonia, creates apps and provides services that help small businesses use information technology in a smart way. One of their most popular apps, ConfiForms – Data Forms & Workflows, enables teams of all shapes and sizes to create intelligent forms right within Confluence. Data from those forms can then be turned into reports in various formats like tables, lists, and even charts.

The more users complete these forms, the more data the app generates, which leads to more data that needs to be displayed in the form report.

Some forms store 20,000+ records,” shared Alex Medved, Founder of Vertuna. “Even with paging, we end up rendering 1,000-2,000 records per page, and that can be megabytes in size.

While the Vertuna team focuses mostly on developing their apps, they do occasionally take on consulting projects to help companies implement and use their ConfiForms app. They found during these projects, especially in cases where the report pages were quite large and data-intensive, they needed a way to show all of that data on a Confluence page without sacrificing page load times.

Cache pages

This consistent need led Alex to start recommending that his customers pair ConfiForms with Bob Swift’s Cache for Confluence.

“On every project, we have a Cache macro. It works well for us and our customers. Kind of a de-facto solution.”

AlexAlex Medved, Founder at Vertuna, LLC

To use these two apps together, Alex simply puts the ConfiForms macro with all the data inside the Cache macro. Once the data on the page is loaded, it’s cached and will render immediately the next time the page is loaded. He also customizes the cache settings to determine how the reports are displayed based on the customer’s needs. For example, he changes how often the data is refreshed, which he normally sets at 1-hour. If users want to be able to refresh the data on their own, he enables a manual refresh option, which lets users click a button to refresh the data immediately. To let users know how up-to-date the data is, he turns on a setting that shows the date and time the data was last generated, which he says is, “also very handy.

Alex shared that using Cache for Confluence with ConfiForms is especially useful when creating reports for his customer’s management teams, who need to be able to easily and quickly access the data whenever they need it.

“Their management is happy to see the system fly and run quickly and smoothly.”

AlexAlex Medved, Founder at Vertuna, LLC

Providing a quick and customizable solution for rendering large reports in Confluence has really helped Alex and his team better solve their customer’s unique and sometimes complex reporting challenges. Now when they have consulting work, Alex says, “we do recommend they purchase Cache for Confluence if they don’t have it. It makes admins and users happy.

We’re honored that Alex shared how his company creates a better, faster reporting experience for their customers, and we’re excited to recognize him as a Featured Maker in the 2020 Appfire Maker Awards!

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