One Appfire: Bringing all our apps together under a single Appfire brand

One Appfire

We’re excited to introduce One Appfire, an initiative that will bring together our vast offering of apps and product brands under the Appfire brand. Appfire has seen tremendous growth recently, with more than 15 acquisitions since May 2020 alone, and we are positioned for continued growth. Our goal is to improve the user experience for accessing Appfire’s platform of top-selling apps and building on best-in-class standards around customer support, scalability, security, and interoperability. 

We heard you loud and clear that you want one portal for your support tickets, one vendor to build and maintain your favorite apps, and one trusted ally within this incredible ecosystem to help you get more out of your Atlassian tools. With that in mind, we’ve been hard at work this past year in preparation for this major undertaking to bring you a simplified user experience and streamlined support services. 

One Appfire is more than just a branding change and support portal consolidation. We’ve completely changed the way we work here at Appfire. As more than 25 founders and their innovative staff have come together within Appfire, we’ve integrated and realigned teams, layered in new processes and tooling, standardized our pricing approach, hired dozens of additional team members, and more to deliver the best solutions across our eight growing product categories.

The bottom line: We’re doing this for you, our customers and our partners! We are full steam ahead with our One Appfire efforts, and will continue to keep you informed of changes by brand in real time. We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance your experience with Appfire. Thank you for inspiring us to build great software.

Visit our One Appfire page for more information on our efforts, including a broad timeline of the rollout, frequent updates, FAQs, and real-time information about where to find support services and documentation for each of your apps as we migrate platforms.

We are excited about this initiative and the benefits it will offer our partners and customers across the board. We are also proud of the tremendous growth and momentum Appfire has seen over the past year — both in terms of our product offerings and the culture and talent we’ve brought to our team — and we know that One Appfire fits squarely within our mission and core values. Watch our video to learn why We Are Appfire: 

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