BigPicture Enterprise

BigPicture Enterprise

PPM at scale? Supercharge your BigPicture!




About BigPicture Enterprise

Enterprise Complexity

Enterprise complexity encompassed

With BigPicture Enterprise, you can use unlimited Box types, including predefined SAFe ARTs, LeSS Req. Areas, Agile Projects, and Classic Projects.

Unlimited What-If Scenarios

Unlimited what-if scenarios

Create what-if scenarios for each of your undertakings or even the entire portfolios. Model as many scenarios as you need, no matter how complex your organization is.

Smart Workload Contouring

Smart workload contouring

Distribute workload across resources and projects efficiently. Make plans with your organization's goals and capacity of your teams in mind. Get work done on schedule and maximize productivity.

Reviews for BigPicture Enterprise

Features designed for large, complex organizations with vast portfolios of initiatives.

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