Create on Transition for Jira

Create on Transition for Jira

Refine Jira workflows with powerful & flexible post functions

Automatically create or update issues and subtasks

Automatically create or update issues and subtasks as part of a workflow transition. Dynamically add or update the appropriate assignees, watchers, labels, links, attachments, comments, dates, and other field values.

Set up simple or advanced conditioning logic

Easily configure optional conditions to determine whether an issue or subtask should be created or updated. Customize the conditions with substitution variables, regex patterns, or JQL queries for even more flexibility.

Validate your Jira workflow transitions

Build customized conditioned validators using Jira expressions to determine if a transition should proceed. Evaluate the syntax of your Jira expression during configuration. Add helpful notification messages for users.

Note: some features only pertain to the Cloud version of the app. For complete overview of the Data Center and Server features please refer to the app’s respective Marketplace pages.

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