Issue Matrix for Jira
Issue Matrix for Jira

Better productivity through transformed Jira view screens

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Improve productivity 4x with custom visualization

A simple, yet extremely effective app to enhance how Sub-tasks, Linked Issues and Issues in Epics are listed in the Issue View Screen. Different modes with powerful options let you define which issues and what kind of information is displayed.

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Better visibility and flexibility for all Jira teams

Create different matrix types to visualize the information you need in your team's issues. All information is available on a single screen without the need to open different issues individually.

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High customization and increased usability

Improve your Scrum & Kanban boards by configuring the Issue Matrix table content for Agile boards. Bring context to Jira Service Management requests with contextual linking by visualizing issues which are not directly linked but share a common context.

More effective, faster, and user-friendly Jira view screens

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