Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

, & everything in Jira


from a command line.

Streamline all of your Jira integration, automation, and migration processes in one place.

jira cli integrate tools

Integrate all your tools

Keep your tech stack in sync by performing actions between instances, third-party tools, or data sources. Connect your database, Slack, and external tools.

jira cli automate all your tasks

Automate all your tasks

Reduce the time spent on maintenance and user management by creating standardized, scalable processes with simple commands.

jira cli consolidate and migrate all data

Consolidate & migrate all data

Reduce the time spent on importing and exporting data to/from Jira, databases, and files with simple-text based commands that are executed in seconds.

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Jira CLI to do more


with Jira CLI

centralized jira cli
Accelerate tasks using a centralized command line interface

Tasks completed via a graphical interface (GUI) are time-consuming and hard to perform at scale. Administer tasks such as test automation, user management, or configurations in the text-based ACLI Shell — no clicking, scrolling, or looking for the right screen.
Discover and build actions with dynamic command completions in the ACLI Shell.
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jira cli bulk actions
Speed up tasks with bulk edits, updates and change

Are you dealing with many projects, various instances, and hundreds of users? Perform multiple configuration, administration or maintenance tasks with a single command to reduce busy work and minimize manual errors.
Make mass changes like bulk-add hundreds of users from a spreadsheet, import or export data in bulk, or delete hundreds of inactive projects – with simple commands.
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jira and confluence integration
Align teams across the Atlassian stack

Perform actions across different Jira instances and integrate your entire Atlassian stack. Run cross-app commands from the centralized ACLI Shell, leverage other apps in the product family, including Confluence CLI, Bitbucket CLI, Bamboo CLI, or Trello CLI.
For example, copy several attachments from one Jira instance to another, or link your development tasks with project documentation by creating and populating Confluence pages with content from Jira.
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Improve efficiency with external applications

Integrate Jira with third-party tools like Slack, monday.com, or Segment to streamline cross-functional collaboration, enhance decision-making, and reduce errors and need for manual data entry and duplication.

More Jira CLI

jira cli database integrations

Database support

Store and manage data efficiently by integrating Jira with external data sources and databases like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle. Create and use database tables for advanced automation scripting.

acli companion for vs code

ACLI Companion for VS Code

Write commands and run actions within the lightweight but powerful source code editor. This extension supports editing ACLI script files and helps search and build actions – all from within VS Code.

monday.com cli

monday.com CLI

Integrate Jira with monday.com to scale admin tasks and build powerful automations while keeping your systems in sync.

jira cli scripting enablers

Advanced scripting enablers

Go beyond what’s available via REST API with scripting enablers like replacement variables and find/replace. Perform hundreds of actions with run and runFrom actions, incl. runFromList, runFromCSV, runFromSQL.

jira cli advanced imports exports

Advanced data import & export

Trigger imports or exports to auto-run at any time. Export Jira data such as user lists, groups, permissions or projects for pre-migration clean-ups or to enable auditing processes.


command line app

Businesses worldwide are using Jira CLI to migrate, automate and integrate data.

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