JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

The fast, no-code Jira workflow automation solution


your Jira workflow automation

JSU is an intuitive, entirely no-code automation solution for Jira admins who don’t want to deal with coding or complexity.

JSU Fast Workflow Configuration

Configure workflows faster, save time

Reclaim hours of admin time by quickly configuring any number of Jira workflows. Go beyond Jira's native functionality to increase productivity, team collaboration and buy-in.

JSU Easy Workflow Automation

Automate with confidence & ease

Automate Jira workflows without writing a single line of code. JSU's flexible, entirely code-free configuration process allows even non-technical Jira admins to customize and deploy simple or complex workflows with ease.

JSU Robust Workflow Extensions

Give users the best Jira possible

Create workflow processes that adapt to your team’s evolving needs with robust post-functions, conditions and validators. Further fine-tune Jira workflows by adding preconditions.

Why Choose This App

JSU empowers in Jira with and automation

Key features

Reduce the grind & complexity of Jira workflows in an , environment

JSU intuitive UI
Spend less time in Jira workflows

JSU comes with a beginner-friendly, intuitive UI that helps you get to where you need to be as quickly as possible.

Quickly edit a workflow directly from your Agile project board. Use global navigation to access key JSU features without getting lost in complex Jira menus. And get an easy, at-a-glance overview of all your saved workflow rules, including the projects and transitions where they have been enabled, with the ‘My workflows’ page.
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JSU Universal Rule Builder
Configuring workflows is easier than ever

Discover an intuitive, entirely no-code way of configuring Jira workflows using JSU’s streamlined rule editor, the Universal Rule Builder (URB).
With URB, even less experienced Jira admins can build simple or complex rules with ease. All workflow configuration is done in a single place, eliminating the need to navigate Jira multiple times, or having to click through text-heavy, mandatory fields. You can review your complete rule summary in an easily comprehensible WHEN–IF-THEN format, edit individual components, and change their order via drag & drop before saving the rule.
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JSU Highly Adaptable Workflows
Create highly adaptable workflows

Onboard new members by creating Jira subtasks automatically. Speed up the estimation of work effort by calculating field values right inside Jira. Or streamline budget requests by setting up conditional approvals.
JSU comes with a unique set of workflow automation building blocks – post-functions, conditions, and validators – to help Jira admins of all experience levels tailor workflows to their team’s specific needs.
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JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows features

JSU Code Free Environment

Code-free environment

JSU offers an intuitive, and entirely no-code environment to customize your Jira workflows – perfect starting point for the less technical or experienced admins.

JSU Robust Workflow Extensions

Robust workflow extensions

Choose from a unique set of post-functions, conditions and validators that go well beyond native Jira functionality to streamline and accelerate your business processes in Jira.

JSU Enhanced Data Governance

Enhanced data governance

Reduce friction in your audit and compliance processes by restricting the movement of Jira issues until a certain criteria is met with conditions and validators.

JSU Built-in Hints and Tips

Built-in hints and tips

A lot of apps leave you to figure things out on your own. With built-in hints and tips that guide you through the workflow setup and beyond, you never have to feel stuck in JSU.

JSU Trusted Vendor

Trusted vendor

JSU is brought to you by Appfire, an established Atlassian platinum solutions partner and enterprise-ready product vendor with over 200 apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.

JSU World Class Support

World-class support

We provide 24-hour support that exceeds expectations. See what Jira admins like you say about our service.


The and workflow automation solution in Jira

JSU simplifies and enhances Jira workflow processes for thousands of businesses around the world.

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