Planning Poker

Planning Poker

Improve your team's estimation with Planning Poker® for Jira.


The Planning Poker app for Jira

Join Agile teams globally and estimate your product backlog during an interactive consensus-based game as part of the Agile framework.

Planning Poker in Jira Estimation Accuracy

Improved estimation accuracy

Facilitate discussion and help maintain a balance between the speed of the estimation process and the expected accuracy that all Agile teams strive for. It's now possible with reference and historical issues.

Planning Poker in Jira Remote Estimation

Distributed but together

The app is ideal for distributed Agile teams that cannot meet in one place for planning sessions - teams can get together to estimate their product backlog and make sure they reach consensus during an interactive Planning Poker game.

Planning Poker in Jira Estimation Tools

Top notch estimation tools

Planning Poker helps organize teams to ensure that estimates are as accurate as possible, properly manage scope, and deliver results to clients by encouraging group discussion and collaboration to reach the estimated consensus.

Why choose this app

Planning Poker empowers every Agile team

Key features

Estimation Tool that seamlessly integrates with Jira

Planning Poker for Jira Interactive Multiplayer
Estimate in real-time with the Interactive Multiplayer.

Estimate efforts in real-time with your teammates. With all your actions instantly displayed to other participants, you will overview the whole estimation process. The app works well with 30+ simultaneous players.

Planning Poker Seamless Integration with Jira
Intuitive setup and seamless integration with Jira.

Set up the Planning Poker® app in minutes within your Jira and enjoy a truly native experience. Configure your estimation game from Sprint Planning and choose from predefined or customized estimation values.

Available on Mobile, Desktop, or Beamer.

Use Planning Poker® app mobile, beamer, desktop - or a combination of all for partially distributed teams or colocated teams in the meeting room, or a mix of both. All designed for your team's needs and preferences.

Discover more Planning Poker features

Planning Poker for Jira Personal Estimates

Each team member casts their vote on each story

After a team discussion, participants choose a personal estimate from their deck of cards that represents how much work is involved in the discussed story.

Planning Poker for Jira Unbiased Voting

Unbiased voting

All estimates are private until each participant has chosen a card. At that time, all estimates are revealed, and discussion can begin to reach a consensus on each story.

Interactive sessions

Planning Poker brings distributed teams together for an interactive estimation games where all actions are instantly visible to other participants so the team can be on the same page.

Fibonacci, T-Shirts and custom decks

Easily choose from the most recommended sets of estimation values from a Fibonacci sequence, T-shirt sizes, or create custom decks. Choose the most suitable based on your team’s preference.

Advanced session settings

When configuring your game, you can click "Show advanced configuration" to access additional game preferences sections such as Deck mapping, Game flow, and Game administration. You can add multiple session admins or restrict games to private and protect them with passwords.

Planning Poker for Jira Estimation Context

Estimation context

Estimation context functionality gives game participants clues on how they may estimate similar issues. Just hover over a card to see issues from the same project that were estimated with the same score.


The #1 estimation solution in Jira

Businesses around the globe use Planning Poker to estimate their product backlog

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