Planning Poker

Planning Poker

Improve your team's estimation with Planning Poker® for Jira.




About Planning Poker

Estimate in real-time with the Interactive Multiplayer.

Estimate efforts in real-time with your teammates. With all your actions instantly displayed to other participants, you will overview the whole estimation process. The app works well with 30+ simultaneous players.

Intuitive setup and seamless integration with Jira.

Set up Planning Poker® app in minutes within your Jira and enjoy a truly native experience. Configure your estimation game from Sprint Planning and choose from predefined or customized estimation values.

Available on Mobile, Desktop, or Beamer.

Use Planning Poker® app mobile, beamer, desktop - or a combination of all for partially distributed teams or colocated teams in the meeting room, or a mix of both. All designed for your team's needs and preferences.

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Set up the Planning Poker® app in minutes and enjoy a truly native Jira experience.

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