Power Admin for Jira

Power Admin for Jira

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About Power Admin for Jira

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3x faster, smarter, more transparent Jira

Perform a thorough Jira project configuration analysis. Search, locate and execute actions on configuration elements. Get a complete visibility into their complex dependencies and understand the full impact of an intended change.

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Perform deep system clean-up and performance tuning

Identify and delete unused or rarely used configuration elements, clean up similar or duplicate, or reuse existing ones. Use the Custom Field merge functionality to do one of most complex Jira administration tasks, easily and automatically.


Keep your configuration integrity in check

Quickly discover errors in your project configurations' integrity, using the built-in root cause analysis and tool tips. Understand which elements are affected and how to resolve errors so you can minimize downtime for your team

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Configure and Optimize Jira Faster and Easier

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