Power BI Jira Connector

Power BI Jira Connector

Power BI Jira Connector for real-time reporting and analytics


Power BI Jira Connector lets you gain data-driven insights to improve performance and workloads

Power BI Jira Connector empowers organizations to quickly, securely, and reliably bring Jira data into Power BI to build and share sophisticated, up-to-date, custom dashboards, reports, charts, and more.

visualize data

Combine and visualize Jira data

By unifying data from different Jira instances (on-prem and cloud), different Jira projects, as well as other types of data in Power BI, you can visualize combined data to tackle any Jira-related KPIs and sprint metrics.

monitor work

See how work gets done

See how quickly issues are being resolved, how bugs get handled, how assignees are performing—across all of your projects, teams, products, or divisions. Get a truly holistic view of how work gets done within your organization.


Collaborate smarter

When you bring Jira data into Power BI, you can securely share insights with anyone who needs access to this data, even without a Jira license.

Why choose this app

A scalable solution for teams and enterprises

Connect Jira and Power BI quickly, securely, and reliably


Power BI Jira Connector keeps your Jira data safe and makes it accessible

Power BI Jira Enterprise level business intelligence
Enterprise-level business intelligence for teams of any size

Bring data from disparate Jira sources—even combined on-premise vs. cloud deployments—into one Power BI instance for global, top-level reporting.
Combine Jira data with other data sources like Excel, SharePoint, and other databases to build custom reports in Power BI.

Share with stakeholders to collaborate on building reports and dashboards. Anyone (depending on permissions you set) can work with Jira data in Power BI. And they won’t need a Jira license to do that.
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Flexible solution for robust Jira data import
Flexible solution for robust Jira data import

You can retrieve selected Jira data or all data for importing into Power BI, and filter by Jira project or component to gain insights quickly.
Use one connector URL and various JQL statements to create any number of data sets with standard or custom fields. Schedule automated data refreshes to make sure you’re looking at the most up-to-date information.

Power BI Jira connector supports an unlimited number of records to be imported into Power BI. It supports any Jira Issue fields, including custom fields. Customize Jira issue data (fields) to be imported to include Agile, Jira Service Management, custom, time reporting, sprint metrics like velocity and commitment, and history fields.
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Power BI Jira Connector Jira insights
Empowers data crunchers with Jira insights

Stakeholders can save a tremendous amount of time by getting access to Jira data directly inside Power BI - no Jira access required.
Whether they want to improve productivity, enhance the deliverability of products and services, optimize governance, or generate high-level reports for executives, direct access to Jira data will help.

No more manual data entry (which means no more data entry mistakes). Power BI’s visual builder will help project managers, data analysts, and database administrators gain insight from Jira data and take action. No Jira access required.
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Jira Power BI Easy to get started
Easy to get started with a quick three-step setup

With just a few clicks, you can set up, set permissions, and select data types. The connector does the rest for you.
Once the data is imported, you can start building reports and dashboards in Power BI. Then, you just set up automatic refreshes to ensure data accuracy going forward.
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Key features of Power BI Jira Connector

Simple setup

Simple setup

Simple app integration setup with a secure, fast, reliable connection and configurable security permissions to control who can access data in Power BI.

Jira Power BI scheduled syncs

Scheduled syncs

Import Jira data into Power BI and setup scheduled refreshes for powerful analytics and reporting.

Jira Power BI data sets

Unlimited data sets

Create any number of data sets with standard and custom fields using one connector URL and various JQL Statements (each data set can contain different fields).

Jira Power BI Share Jira insights

Share Jira insights

Build reports in Power BI, then share with team members or managers, including those without Jira access.

Jira Power BI Jira fields

Flexible Jira fields

Select from a range of Jira fields to report on the specific KPIs you measure against. Fields include: Agile, Jira Service Management, custom, time reporting, sprint metrics, and history.

Jira Power BI powerful integration

Powerful integration

OData feed imports to compatible software (Microsoft Excel). Merge with multiple data sources (Excel, database, etc.). Integrate with Tempo Timesheets, Insights, Portfolio for Jira, etc.


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