Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Powerful Jira reports and time tracking — all in one app.


Simplify Jira time tracking and create custom Jira reports

Reports and Timesheets for Jira helps you create custom Jira reports while managing timesheets and Jira time tracking, all with one app. Understand how work flows across teams, and use these insights to make data-driven decisions that will improve productivity.

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Reports and Timesheets Jira custom reports

Create custom Jira reports

Build custom reports and dashboards using Jira fields for daily use, as well as other reports for invoice creation, time tracking, sprint tracking, performance tracking, project status updates, capacity, and more.

Reports and Timesheets Jira Time Tracking and Timesheets

Simplify Jira time tracking

Make time management more efficient with time entry either on a single issue or across multiple issues, from one view. Use the robust report builder to create time tracking reports based on any worklog fields.

Reports and Timesheets Jira Schedule and Share Jira Reports

Schedule and share Jira reports

Schedule reports to be sent automatically so they get to the right people, at the right time. Plus, add reports to a Jira dashboard and share it with non-Jira users.

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Powerful custom reporting for data-driven teams


Create custom Jira reports and timesheets

Reports and Timesheets Jira Reports and Data Insights
Level-up Jira reporting for deeper insights

Go further than native Jira reporting. Provide high level reports and dashboards to display data trends, project status, or team performance. Zoom in on sprint metrics, support response times, or how much time is spent on specific projects.
Whether you’re a Scrum Master, Support Leader, or Project Manager, you can create advanced, custom Jira reports with the simple drag-and-drop report builder. Report types include timesheet, sprint, list, matrix (pivot), trend, hierarchy, multi-axis charts, time in status, history, capacity, and more.
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Reports and Timesheets Jira Streamline Jira worklogs approvals time tracking
Streamline worklogs, approvals, and time tracking

Log time across Jira issues in one place. The time entry page allows for different duration views, bulk time entry, approval submission, entry towards non-project tasks, and more.
Set up timesheet approval processes like how to submit a timesheet for approval, defined approvers, and qualifications for approval, rejection or forwarding. Plus, group users in teams to streamline sharing relevant reports more quickly.
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Reports and Timesheets Jira Share Jira reports with non Jira users
Share Jira reports, even with non-Jira users

Customize permissions to enable access to reports and timesheets or restrict access as needed. Schedule reports to be emailed to specific users like stakeholders, managers, or project teams.
Need to share reports with non-Jira users? Publish reports and use a public link to share with non-Jira users. Use Jira dashboards to share key reports alongside other business data for a comprehensive overview.
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Key features of Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Reports and Timesheets Jira Powerful Jira Reports Builder

Powerful report builder

Use the drag-and-drop report builder to create a variety of custom Jira report types like multi-axis charts, history, hierarchy, trend, list, timesheet, and matrix (pivot tables).

Reports and Timesheets Jira Easier Jira Time Tracking

Easier time tracking

Log time on a single issue or across multiple using the time entry page. Create custom worklog attributes, establish approval processes, and report on everything using a single app.

Reports and Timesheets Jira Schedule Jira Reports

Scheduled reports

Schedule reports to be automatically delivered by email to specific users, like stakeholders or project team members at your desired frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Reports and Timesheets Jira Share Jira Insights

Share Jira insights

Easily share Jira reports once they’re created and publish reports to generate a public link for non-Jira users. Provide quick access to agile reports, ITSM data, and project status updates.

Reports and Timesheets Jira Flexible Jira Fields

Flexible Jira fields

Create advanced Jira reports that go far beyond native capabilities by including issue fields like Agile, ITSM, or custom fields.

Reports and Timesheets Jira Powerful Integration

Powerful integration

Integrate with Tempo Timesheets to pull in worklog and timesheet fields. Consolidate data and use a single reporting app for all your Jira time tracking needs.

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