Tableau Connector Pro for Jira

Tableau Connector Pro for Jira

Bring Jira data into Tableau for powerful insights and reporting




About Tableau Connector Pro for Jira

powerful reporting on Jira data

Build custom reports using Jira data

Gain powerful business insights when you connect Jira to Tableau. Use one connecter URL and various JQL statements to create any number of data sets with standard or custom fields. 

share Jira insights across your company

Share insights across your company

Give teams access to the Jira data they need to build real-time, customizable reports in Tableau that can be shared with all key decision-makers. 

Connect Jira and Tableau

Simple setup and management

Connect Jira to Tableau and configure security permissions to control who can access Jira data in Tableau. Schedule data refreshes, use with compatible softwares, and integrate with Tempo Timesheets. 

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Empower your team to report on Jira data in Tableau

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