TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration

TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration

Azure DevOps Jira integration for fast synchronization and migration


Improve your workflow with Azure DevOps Jira integration

TFS4JIRA enables bidirectional synchronization between Azure DevOps and Jira to empower people to work better together, on their platform of choice.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Collaborate

Collaborate better between teams

Reduce errors and duplication between cross-functional teams and enable better decision-making. Teams can stay up-to-date by tracking progress from either platform without losing a beat.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Synchronize

Synchronize and scale your business

Jira and Azure DevOps may have different workflow setups, but you can easily and quickly configure your integration, ensuring accurate synchronization without data loss. Changes are instantly reflected in both Azure DevOps and Jira.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Migrate

Streamline and migrate with confidence

Save time and effort when switching platforms or consolidating backlogs. Efficiently migrate epics, stories, hierarchies, links, and fields when consolidating requirements, so you can continue to innovate with your preferred technology stack.

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Azure DevOps Jira integration powers every team member

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Azure DevOps Jira integration ensures cross-functional collaboration for better decision making

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Synchronization
Bidirectional synchronization connects teams and facilitates collaboration and productivity

When you integrate your Jira and Azure DevOps instances, and enable bidirectional synchronization, any changes made to issues and work items update automatically. Development teams can be instantly notified when an agent raises an escalated support ticket.
Scale your business and eliminate duplication of work across products. Teams won’t have to reference a ticket within another tool when looking for information, reducing the chance for human-errors.

Automating collaboration processes results in a more agile team so you can ship your product more quickly.
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Azure DevOps Jira Integration Without Data Loss
Flexibility for your integration, without data loss

Improve your workflow when you sync Jira with Azure DevOps. Custom mapping allows you to iterate on your integration requirements as your business grows and evolves.
Orchestrate your workflow and link relevant tasks and projects based on business processes. Define which issues and work item types to synchronize, and map fields, data values, filters, and hierarchies. Map Azure DevOps values not available in Jira. Additionally, you can determine how field values are converted during synchronization so that each system receives the correct value.
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Azure DevOps Jira Integration Profiles
Create individual profiles to fit your synchronization needs

Set different parameters and configurations for individual projects and instances. With TFS4JIRA, you can create as many profiles as you want because we understand that each project is very specific and requires a different approach
Users can specify by profile how often and at what intervals their projects sync.

Leave behind unnecessary information, and add fields for your own exclusive use case.
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Azure DevOps Jira Integration Migrate and Preserve
Migrate tools efficiently and effectively

Migrate all your work items, convert them to Jira issues, and take your legacy with you. Move epics, stories, hierarchies, links, comments, and attachments when consolidating requirements.
Maintain continuity while the migration runs in the background, without interfering with your sprints. The live sync feature will help you secure the transition process by migrating smaller chunks of data. Developers can still work in the original environment while the changeover is taking place.

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Azure DevOps Jira integration: features of TFS4JIRA

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Reliable and Easy

Reliable and easy to set-up

TFS4JIRA offers cloud, datacenter, and server hosting options, with one easily installed app. Backed by several supported versions, your organization can stay security compliant and strategic.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Status Mapping

One-to-many status mapping

Define which Jira and Azure DevOps fields should be synchronized within the user’s sync profile. Synchronize multiple Jira status values to one Azure DevOps state or vice versa.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Issue Linking

Issue/work item linking

Users can synchronize all issue/work item links including related, blocked, cloned, duplicated, and custom, so teams can access records within their preferred platform.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Hierarchy Sync

Hierarchy & sub-task synchronization

Users can customize their hierarchy sync by choosing how Epics are mapped. We’ve created a multi-level hierarchy synchronization option to support more complex hierarchies, keeping projects whole and delivering more accurate and reliable data.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Filter Sync

Filter synchronization

Filters synchronization further defines the scope of issues or work items to be synchronized. The power of JQL (Jira Query Language) is leveraged to supercharge filtering and synchronizing with Azure’s WIQL (Work Item Query Language). This means a configuration can be customized to support unique use cases.

Azure DevOps Jira Integration Check-ins Log


View your project or issue-associated TFS/Azure DevOps check-in/git commit logs directly in your on-premise Jira instance. Actions are categorized by distinct event tags for quick and simple reference.


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Help & support

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