Whiteboards for Jira

Whiteboards for Jira

Online Collaboration Board For Your Team's Agile Events




About Whiteboards for Jira

Work with Jira issues directly on Whiteboards.

With advanced Jira integration, you can create new or import your issues, work on them directly on your whiteboard, and easily add dependencies between them right on the board.

Convert stickers into Jira issues with just one click.

Populate your board with existing Jira issues, create new ones, or convert stickers into issues with just one click. Share your boards with the team based on the Jira permission scheme.

Update issues individually or in bulk via the update zones

Once you add your issues to the whiteboard, you can edit, update or rank them - individually or in bulk via update zones, and automatically reflect any updates right on your Jira project.

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