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Reduce the time needed to create, maintain, and scale work processes by hundreds of hours per month – simply by automating.


Why you should with Workflow & Automation from Appfire

Reduce time wasted

Help your team get more out of Jira and Confluence. Reduce the time spent on busy work and other repetitive processes. Optimize workflows to improve the end-user experience, increase efficiency, and free up time to focus on meaningful business outcomes.

Establish visibility & trust

Achieve greater accuracy and control over how your processes are followed. Achieve security and compliance requirements by establishing governance in a non-disruptive and auditable way. Earn and retain the most critical element for any organization – customer trust.

Future-proof your business

Respond to fast-changing market requirements with automation apps that support teams across competency levels and sizes. Trusted by millions of users across thousands of companies, these apps grow in lockstep with your instances, ensuring ongoing process improvement.

Browse use cases

Explore popular to enhance your Atlassian stack

Empower your teams in Jira and Confluence with scalable, repeatable processes while ensuring greater visibility and control.

Improve productivity and team satisfaction
JSU Clone Plus Logo Jira Misc Workflow Extensions Jira Misc Custom Fields JQL search extensions for jira

To fully leverage Jira, proper configuration is essential. If your processes rely heavily on manual tasks and data entry, you are inviting mistakes.
Minimize the opportunity for human error by automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, issue cloning, or performing calculations. Improve team morale and create more time for higher-level work.

JSU: Automate Jira workflows with a beginner-friendly UI with built-in hints and tips. Choose from an array of no-code extensions and configure workflows quickly using the Universal Rule Builder.

Clone Plus for Jira: Clone Jira issues and edit field values with a few clicks. Create custom templates, customize the cloning process, and batch-clone multiples issues simultaneously.

JMWE: Automate almost any use case with 40+ point & click workflow extensions, or supercharge automation with your own scripted conditions, validators and post functions.

JMCF: Automate on-the-fly calculations, including work cost estimates or currency conversions, automatically within Jira, so you don’t have to context switch to other tools or risk errors with manual calculations.

JQL Search Extension: Enhance Jira search capabilities with 50+ JQL search extensions to find all subtasks, links, comments, and attachments.
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Create scalable, repeatable processes
JSU Jira Misc Workflow Extensions Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI)

Your organization is scaling, and you're working with teams across various projects and instances. That's great news for company growth. But the bigger you get, the messier your processes become.
Luckily, admins can leverage Jira and Confluence apps to create scalable processes that can be replicated throughout the organization and ensure data consistency and accuracy.

JSU: Standardize recurring, manual tasks like approval flows, update issue data, and auto-close issues. Get an at-a-glance overview of all saved workflows to identify duplicates.

JMWE: Reduce the time spent and simplify maintenance by reusing common workflow configurations, such as post functions or sequences of post functions, across multiple transitions and projects.

Power Scripts: Query databases or LDAP within Jira and integrate the tech stack to keep data in sync. Upgrade to other instances or versions without manual conversion – with portable scripts.

Jira CLI + Confluence CLI: Perform instance maintenance and user management with repeatable commands. Use bulk operations for mass updates and connect the Atlassian stack to your database, Slack, or external tools.
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Customize Jira look and feel
Jira Misc Custom Fields Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI)

Do your teams waste hours hunting down the right information? Switching to an entirely different tool to finish the job? While Jira is powerful, it can’t always be everything to everyone. To support your team’s specific needs, you need the power to manipulate Jira.
Whether you want to surface key metrics using custom and calculated fields, create entirely new UI elements, or build custom integrations, these apps are all about giving you that power.

JMCF: Create useful Jira screens by empowering users with “hidden” insights. For example, display the dates and authors of all transitions, status, and field changes.

Power Scripts: Customize every element of Jira. Conditionally change how fields behave, display custom notifications, control and modify the UI, and build bespoke workflows and integrations.

Jira CLI + Confluence CLI: Orchestrate actions between the Atlassian stack like Jira, Confluence, and across instances. Build custom integrations with third-party tools or data sources.
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Build robust governance
Jira Misc Workflow Extensions Jira Misc Custom Fields JQL search extensions for jira Power Scripts Logo Command Line Interface (CLI) Comala Document Management

Building robust data governance is a fundamental best practice for organizations, small and large. But establishing and maintaining these vital processes takes significant effort and time – unless you bring in the right tools.
Meet security and compliance requirements by establishing consistent processes across the organization. Restrict issue movement, create custom authorization processes, and validate information according to your data security policies.

JMWE: Gain greater control over how key processes are followed with built-in conditions and validators, enabling you to set mandatory fields for Jira issue types or streamline budget approval requests.

JMCF: Generate reports and dashboards by calculating information inaccessible in Jira (e.g., amount of time spent in a status).

JQL Search Extension: Create detailed reports with a single search query. Find out time spent on certain issues, indentify unresolved issues with subtasks, or report on issues with attachments added by a particular user.

Power Scripts: Build complex authorization processes and control how users interact with Jira based on their roles and permissions. Add custom layers of security and data validation with live fields.

Jira CLI + Confluence CLI: Export user lists and permissions to streamline recurring security audits. Import and export massive amounts of data to/from Jira, databases, files, and more.

Comala Document Management: Add control to your Confluence documents to meet quality and security standards. Set expiration dates, customize review and approval processes, add e-signatures, and more.
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Browse our apps

Jira teams to do more

Streamline and accelerate your processes with our portfolio of apps.

An intuitive, entirely no-code automation for Jira admins who don’t want to deal with coding or complexity.

  • Reduce maintenance by keeping workflow automation code-free
  • Configure Jira workflows in an easily comprehensible WHEN–IF-THEN format
  • Fine-tune Jira workflows with a robust set of post- functions, conditions, and validators
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Flexible workflow automation that combines no-code, “point & click” tools with simplified scripting.

  • Customize built-in extensions with low-code scripting, or build-your-own scripted extensions
  • Run automation based on elapsed time or events such as field updates, comments, and attachments added
  • Ease maintenance by reusing common configurations across workflows
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Calculated custom field app that helps you get more out of Jira by enhancing issue screens, search, reports, and dashboards.

  • Improve the usability of Jira with 20+ calculated custom field types
  • Build powerful scripted fields using simplified Groovy language and API
  • Enhance dashboard statistics gadgets and reports with calculated fields
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Scripting app to automate repetitive tasks, enhance complex workflows, integrate other tools, and customize the Jira UI.

  • Send custom notifications, perform bulk actions and automate workflows with event-based actions
  • Synchronize with remote databases, LDAP, and arbitrary APIs
  • Customize the Jira interface to your needs
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Resolve repetitive tasks with simple, text-based commands from a central command line interface.

  • Create commands with dynamic prompting in the intuitive ACLI Shell
  • Perform complex maintenance or user management via bulk operations
  • Orchestrate actions across the Atlassian stack (incl. Jira and Confluence), and connect third-party apps and data sources
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Discover a new way to search Jira, generate reports, and automate workflows.

  • Use 50+ JQL search extensions for executing search and filtering in Jira
  • Find attachments like PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel files
  • Use JQL keywords to create powerful dashboards and reports
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A versatile Jira app to help admins clone, bulk-clone, and customize Jira issues quickly.

  • Efficiently clone and customize Jira issues
  • Bulk clone up to 1000 issues at once
  • Accelerate operations with cloning templates
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Control Confluence content by customizing document management workflows.

  • Manage documents from creation to expiration
  • Manage Confluence pages and spaces with simple approvals or advanced workflows
  • Support compliance efforts by combining approvals with electronic signatures
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