TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration

TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration

Azure DevOps vs. Jira: Use TFS4JIRA and give your teams the best of both

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Azure DevOps and Jira

Keep your business scalable and stay up-to-date by tracking progress from either platform

If you participate in any part of your organization’s software development process, you may be using, or considering using, Jira or Azure DevOps. As two of the most powerful and popular tools used for software development, they both have their strengths and unique features essential to certain roles and responsibilities. If your organization is spending man-hours on justifying which tool best fits your company requirements, or if you’re using both tools for visibility and communication, then ask yourself, why not connect them and use both?

TFS4JIRA, Appfire’s integration tool for Jira and Azure DevOps, enables collaboration by allowing teams to work within their preferred platform. Whether using Jira software, Jira Service Management, or Jira Work Management, TFS4JIRA lets users quickly communicate change requests and priorities to developers working in Azure DevOps, access resources allocated to teams and projects, and track development progress in real time.

What’s included in the guide
  • How organizations can use both platforms and improve delivery
  • Ways TFS4JIRA will help teams of all types
  • How to connect Azure DevOps and Jira using TFS4JIRA
  • How TFS4JIRA helped one loyal customer collaborate and become more efficient, productive, and agile
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