Workflow & Automation

Six automation strategies to make your work flow

Accelerate and streamline your processes in Jira with valuable tips and tricks.

Reclaim time and in Jira

As your organization grows, so do your teams in Jira. That’s great news for company growth. But the bigger you get, the harder it is to ensure that all the processes in Jira align perfectly.

Whether you’re managing an engineering organization, an IT service team, or a business unit that uses Jira, this guide is full of practical tips & tricks to accelerate your team growth.

Discover how to:
  • Supercharge your team’s productivity
  • Streamline communication with your team and customers
  • Reduce human error by automating mundane tasks
  • Empower human decisions with workflow automation
  • Create cleaner business processes
This guide is for:
  • Software development teams (for Jira Software)
  • IT Service Management teams (for Jira Service Management)
  • Business teams (for Jira Work Management)

You don’t have to be an automation expert to put these strategies to work – reach out to your Jira Admin for an assist.

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Download the guide

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