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Distributed global locations


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Humans solving big challenges


Fireflies who think their dog is the best

A human-focused perspective

Remote is in our DNA

Since 2005, we’ve built software that helps other teams collaborate near and far, just like us. Many of us at Appfire have worked remotely for years, thanks to our strong team dynamics.

Real work/life balance

Appfire is a collection of humans with exciting lives at work and home, so we support and encourage ample time off––because we know our best work happens when we have balance.

Equipped for success

Great work requires the right tools. We equip our team members with hardware, software, high-speed internet, and access to wide-ranging learning resources for professional growth. When you thrive, we all thrive.

Values that reflect our spirit

  • “Everyone cares so much about each other here, and about the human aspect of that as much as the job aspect—ensuring the humans in your home are taken care of as well as the people you work with. You just don’t find that in many places.”

    Amanda Guzowski Procurement Lead
  • “Our fireflies have a deep passion for what they do with an openness to learn and share what we’ve learned with others to improve how we work every day. Each project we touch is a new opportunity to learn and deliver better value to our customers.”

    Agnieszka Józwiak Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • “For me, it means we are helping people with solutions to things they need help with—that the software that we develop has the power to help others and has a positive impact on their life.”

    Bob Swift Chief Product Architect
  • “This is very important—thrive on change and grow. Things are changing in our ecosystem and in the world as well. Appfire is growing, and I want to be a part of that growth, so that motivates me to continue growing.”

    Maria Kakazou Product Manager
  • “One thing I love is this culture of testing—it ties back to this value of getting it right vs. being right. We are just trying to improve it, together, to get better.”

    Caitlin Chambers Marketing Operations Manager
  • “From the moment I first started working at Appfire I appreciated that it truly is about the people. Our mix of different global perspectives and the unique skills we all bring is part of what makes our company even more awesome.”

    Michał Ratyński Senior Brand Designer
  • “I am passionate about sharing things that improve my work and personal life. For me, building the flame means contributing to the greatness of our organization—building yourself and your team up and making them better.”

    Michael Kuhl Principal Product Manager

A culture where you can thrive

Our flexible work model is powered by talented “fireflies” worldwide.

We’re building tools for world changers

Our mission is to connect every team so they can plan and deliver their best work wherever and however they work. Be part of our exciting growth story, and find your future at Appfire.