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Who we are

Values at Appfire

Ask any Appfire team member, our values are more than words. They’re who we are.

  • “To me, authenticity is shown in actions taken with integrity and truth. Integrity and truth are not always comfortable, but they are always necessary to building relationships.”

  • “At Appfire, we invest considerable resources in understanding our customers’ needs. This shapes how we develop our products so that our customers and partners can always rely on them.”

  • “…there are tons of opportunities to shine, lead, mentor, and carve a new path. We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, so there’s something to be learned from everyone you work with”

  • “I am always working, experimenting, and iterating with customers to help them by rolling out the “right” product updates through improvements or new features…”

  • “So much has changed and continues to change in the world today. Learning how to adapt and roll with those changes is so important to keep moving forward”

    Eric O
  • “The great thing about Appfire is that we’re alway looking for ways to improve, to add to the awesome. We have a habit of hiring great people. That helps!”

  • “Appfire and its values help blaze the trail in building great things. We want our people to build meaningful and impactful lives inside and outside of work”


How we work

Remote is in our DNA

Many of us at Appfire have worked remotely for years thanks to our strong team dynamics. That’s why, since 2005, we’ve been thrilled to build software that helps other teams collaborate near and far, just like us.

We put family first

Appfire is a collection of humans with exciting and fulfilling lives at work and at home. We support our people and encourage ample time off because we know our best work happens when we have balance.

Set up for success

Great work requires the right tools. We equip our team members with hardware, software, high-speed internet, and access to wide-ranging learning resources for professional growth. When you thrive, we all thrive.

Available opportunities

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