Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

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Internal knowledge base

Boost productivity, collaboration, communication and productivity with integrated knowledge apps that centralize information.

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Main benefits

Enable teamwork, streamline knowledge acquisition, and enhance employee effectiveness and efficiency through collaboration.

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Centralize internal knowledge

Keep vital information intact and consistent across teams, departments or individuals to avoid losing institutional knowledge.

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Promote better collaboration

Enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation through seamless collaboration and simplified knowledge capture.

Boost employees performance

Cut down information search time for employees. Empower teams to focus on value-added activities and tasks.

More benefits

Enhance content control

Boost trust & reliability by restricting access to verified info, ensuring it's only accessed by the intended audience.

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Simplify maintenance

Streamline maintenance process by setting expiration dates, maintaining consistent content excerpts, and using dynamic tables for evolving info.

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Improve data visualization

Effortlessly integrate, format, and showcase external data within Confluence, enabling real-time visualization for enhanced decision-making.

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Reduce manual efforts

Automate content duplication in excerpts to maintain current and consistent information, minimizing manual workload for enhanced efficiency.

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Apps to support your internal knowledge base

Knowledge Management

Advanced Tables for Confluence

Integrate, format, and display external data in Confluence to enhance its functionality as a centralized hub. With real-time visualization capabilities, presenting data in a visually appealing way becomes effortless.

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Docs+ for Slack

Manage your knowledge base from Slack with two-way integration. Locate content in Confluence from Slack, save Slack messages to Confluence pages, and subscribe to get content update alerts. Integrates with Comala Document Management (Data Center).

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HTML for Confluence

Embed custom HTML from external sites, page attachments, or from outside XML content, safely and securely — right within your Confluence pages.

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Comala Document Management

Streamline collaboration across Confluence. Automate customized document approvals based on specific events or status changes, track document audit trails, and ensure data traceability.

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Comala Publishing

Keep your draft and published Confluence documentation separate - continue collaborating without compromising the finalized content. Integrates with Comala Document Management

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Dashboard Hub for Confluence

Gain business-critical insights on how your service desk is performing with a central reporting hub that pulls data from across your Atlassian apps.

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Quickly reproduce and reuse content by consolidating multiple excerpts onto a single Confluence page. Easily share information from one location to multiple pages and spaces. Integrates with Comala Document Management (Data Center)

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“Comala Document Management was the reason we decided on Confluence. It made so much sense for us to use a Wiki-like structure for document management.”

Ronny H.

“[MultiExcerpt] is the definitive content-sourcing app for Confluence. We tried it on trial, loved it, and have been very happy together for years since. We use thousands of these.”



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