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Planning and coordination

Insight into dependencies across all teams and levels is essential for enterprise agility. Make coordination painless with apps for cross-initiative planning and risk management.

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Main benefits

Efficient and effective planning and coordination to keep your organization flexible and prepared.

Optimize resource allocation

Prevent under and over-allocation

Easily manage changing, complex situations

Complex dependencies between work items, teams, and individuals

Prepare for risk

Agile Planning and coordination

More benefits

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Priority planning poker

Foster an inclusive backlog prioritization process, even in enterprise environments.

Cross-project progress monitoring

Facilitate ongoing coordination of work across value streams, teams, and tools.

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Cross-project risk registers

Identify and analyze potential risks before they disrupt plans and develop mitigation strategies.

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Apps that enhance Agile planning and coordination



Combine with BigPicture’s Scope module for a portfolio-level view of how teams prioritize backlog items—drive standardization with an inclusive backlog prioritization process featuring data metrics and scoring formulas. Align more quickly with the Planning Poker feature.

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BigPicture - Project Management & PPM

Facilitate ongoing coordination of work across value streams, teams, and tools. Get a 360-degree view of all planned, ongoing, and completed initiatives across the organization — regardless of the approaches, methodologies, or frameworks used.

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BigPicture Enterprise

Supercharge BigPicture for Jira to tackle complex enterprise needs with unlimited initiative templates, endless what-if scenarios, and customizable Cloud Data Center location.

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Risk Management, Risk Register & Risk Matrix for Jira:  Identify, categorize, and mitigate risks across Agile initiatives in your portfolio. Review Key Risk Indicators, analyze risks on a clear risk matrix, create cross-project risk registers, use predefined risk frameworks, or configure your own.

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“BigPicture & BigPicture Enterprise really levels up Jira when it comes to project management and project planning.”

Tomislav T.

“Foxly is an excellent app that has helped us prioritize tickets that are in the backlog. We've noticed a significant improvement in our ability to manage the backlog and prioritize tickets effectively using this app.”

Yeneneh A.

“Fantastic - (Hedge is) the best risk register app on Jira. We tried many different ones, but this was the only app that allowed you to edit the register to suit your RAG, monitor mitigating actions, etc. Really smooth, and the support is fabulous, respond within the same day with help.”

Charlie C.

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