Workflow and Automation

Workflow and Automation

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Make your Jira instance work the way you work

Get the most out of Jira with customized screens, integration with other business systems, optimized search, and richer reports and dashboards.

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Main benefits

Increase Jira’s adoption across the organization with a more tailored user experience.

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Customize your Jira instance

Improve the user experience by customizing Jira screens or surface critical information with personalized messages and notifications.

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Reduce pesky context switching

Minimize tool switching and manual errors by integrating your Atlassian stack with third-party tools or data sources.

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Ensure your Jira instance grows with you

As your business evolves, adapt and scale daily operations to accommodate new projects, workflows, fields, or configurations.

More benefits

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Unlimited automations

Go beyond what’s available in Jira and execute an unlimited number of automations, regardless of your Jira Cloud plan.

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Enhanced Jira screens

Surface critical metrics like dates and authors of all transitions directly in your issue screen.

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Contextual field control

Modify the user interface to show/hide fields based on contextual data — like current field values, workflow steps, or user permissions.

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Custom Jira reports & dashboards

Create customized Jira reports and dashboards with extensive JQL queries to track project progress and team performance.

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Integration with external tools

Reduce silos between the Atlassian stack and external, business-critical tools or import/export data via REST API and webhooks.

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Apps that help your Jira instance work the way you work

Workflow and Automation

Power Scripts

Customize every element of Jira. Conditionally change how fields behave, display custom notifications, control and modify the UI, and build bespoke workflows and integrations.

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Jira CLI + Confluence CLI

Orchestrate actions between the Atlassian stack like Jira, and Confluence, and across instances. Build custom integrations with third-party tools or data sources.

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Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF)

Create useful Jira screens by empowering users with “hidden” insights. For example, display the dates and authors of all transitions, status, and field changes.

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JQL Search Extensions for Jira

Add a new layer to Jira customization options with an extensive set of 50+ JQL search extensions for attachments, links, sub-tasks, comments, versions, and links that resolve complex issue-linking scenarios and provide unparalleled search precision.

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“Power Scripts is an incredible problem-solver backed up with excellent support. It allows us to get Jira to work how we need it to.”

Stephen K.

“We use Jira CLI to integrate with various external tools that now create over 100 tickets daily and allow us to link related tickets together. We couldn’t use JIRA without it.”


“JMCF helps me see issue statistics directly in Jira instead of exporting them and calculating in Excel.”

Alexander P.

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