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for Jira Power Scripts for Jira automation

Your Swiss Army Knife

for Jira Power Scripts for Jira automation

The must-have scripting automation app to supercharge your productivity in Jira

The must-have scripting automation app to supercharge your productivity in Jira

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Free up 100’s of hours

Don't waste time on routine processes. Turn them into standardized fully customizable automations.

Faster, low-code scripts

Extend Jira functionality with SIL – a JavaScript-like, low-code scripting language that is easy to learn and fast to adapt.

Stress-free upgrades

With portable SIL scripts, you don't have to start from scratch when you move to another Jira version.

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Teams who trust us

Key features 03

Turn routine processes into advanced automations

Customize Jira beyond imagination


Remove data silos


Ensure governance and security


Set up scheduled and event-based automation


More features

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Integration with external tools

We’re talking thousands of them. Connect third-party tools and import/export data via REST API or webhooks.

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Advanced JQL search

Find what you need, create advanced JQL search queries, create custom scripted keywords, and set up granular filters.

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Set up scheduled and event-based automation

Run scripts when certain events are triggered, or schedule them at specific intervals or times.

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Unleash Jira's full potential

With Live Fields, change the UI and field behavior. Customize Jira to your needs by hiding/showing fields, renaming, or modifying descriptions.

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Ready-made script templates

Why waste time and focus if you don’t have to? Get a head start instead of starting from scratch.

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Empower everyone to run pre-defined automations

Provide non-admins with an input form to execute scripts on-demand with the SIL Runner Gadget.

"For any Jira customization, you 100% need Power Scripts. With its amazingly flexible scripting language, it replaces tens of other apps at a fraction of the combined price."

Blake B.

"A much nicer scripting language than Scriptrunner, and more affordable too. Very powerful app. LDAP integration is a wonderful feature. Full marks all around."

Chris K.

"I could name hundreds of amazing things about Power Scripts, but it all comes down to one thing: it saves A LOT OF TIME. The app paid for itself in the first month, as we cut maintenance time by 25%."

Blazej O.

"It's an awesome app with great support. Migrating from DC to Cloud has been less of a headache because of the migratable scripts."

Jaimie R.

Compatible apps 04

Build the perfect automation combo

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JQL Search Extensions for Jira

Leverage 50+ JQL search extensions to find attachments, links, subtasks, comments, versions, and links. Integrate these JQL search queries into your existing SIL scripts to create scheduled or event-based automations based on search filters.

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Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

Take a holistic approach to managing your Jira environment by combining Power Scripts with Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ). With CMJ, deploy configuration changes to test, stage, and production applications to reduce errors and minimize the risk of unnecessary downtime.

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Comala Document Management

Streamline collaboration, ensure compliance, and improve governance across Jira and Confluence. Trigger custom Confluence document approvals based on specific Jira events or status changes, keep track of document audit trails, and ensure data traceability.

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JSU Automation Suite for Jira

Streamline workflows in Jira from an intuitive no-code user interface. JSU is an entirely no-code automation solution helping admins tailor workflows to their team’s specific needs with a few clicks.

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Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

Combine Power Scripts with Jira CLI and make anything at scale easier. Streamline admin tasks with short, text-based commands. Integrate Jira with third-party tools like Slack, monday.com, or Segment and perform actions between them in seconds.

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