Workflow and Automation

Workflow and Automation

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Establish governance and security

Deliver consistent organizational processes that uphold data quality, ensure team alignment, and exceed customer expectations.

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Main benefits

Robust data governance that increases transparency, manages risks, and ensures security and compliance requirement adherence.

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Build workflow and approval processes

Gain control over critical processes with custom workflow rules that require mandatory actions.

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Enforce a transparent set of standards

Customize the Jira user interface to enforce best practices and control how users interact with Jira based on their roles and permissions.

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Meet quality and security standards

Streamline recurring security audits and enhance document management processes in Confluence to comply with ISO standards.

More benefits

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Unlimited automations

Go beyond what’s available in Jira and execute an unlimited number of automations, regardless of your Jira Cloud plan.

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Jira process guardrails

Make fields mandatory for a specific issue type or automatically approve requests if they meet certain conditions.

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Richer Jira reports and dashboards

Uncover deeper insights and present them in an easy-to-digest format based on calculated custom fields and 50+ new JQL search queries.

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Document lifecycle control

Build custom review processes, use e-signatures for compliance, and manage document stages to ensure quality and security standards are met.

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Streamlined security audits

Simplify the audit process and ensure data accuracy by automatically exporting data like user lists, permissions, and roles from Jira and Confluence.

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Apps that enable and support governance and security

Workflow and Automation

Comala Document Management

Add control to your Confluence documents to meet quality and security standards. Set expiration dates, customize review and approval processes, add e-signatures, and more.

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Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

Gain greater control over how key processes are followed with built-in conditions and validators, enabling you to set mandatory fields for Jira issue types or streamline budget approval requests.

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Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF)

Enhance your reports and dashboards with more accurate, actionable data based on custom field calculations. Generate reports across projects on a particular transition (e.g. who executed it & when), approval processes, time estimates, and more.

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JQL Search Extension

Create detailed reports with a single search query. Use JQL keywords in filters, gadgets, boards, service desk queues and all Jira apps to report everything from project blockers to SLA performance.

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Power Scripts

Build complex authorization processes and control how users interact with Jira based on their roles and permissions. Add custom layers of security and data validation with live fields.

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Jira CLI + Confluence CLI

Export user lists and permissions to streamline recurring security audits. Import and export massive amounts of data to/from Jira, databases, files, and more.

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“Comala Document Management was why we decided [on] Confluence. It made so much sense for us to use a Wiki-like structure for document management... I did not find any similar application.”

Ronny H.

“CLI is a massive time-saver! I'm extremely grateful for the hundreds of hours it has saved me.”

Tammy C.

“[JQL Search Extensions] enables me to automatically create dashboards with the information I had to query for earlier manually. It saves me hours each week.”

Martin L.

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