Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

All-in-one Jira

workflow automation JMWE

All-in-one Jira

workflow automation JMWE

Customize Jira workflows the way you want it. No-code, point & click configurations with powerful scripting capabilities.

Customize Jira workflows the way you want it. No-code, point & click configurations with powerful scripting capabilities.

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Unlimited automations

Easily tailor Jira workflows to fit your team's specific needs. Rapidly automate and scale your business processes beyond what's possible with native Jira automation.


Coding for non-coders

Discover a more efficient way of scripting. Instead of writing lines and lines of code, use easy-to-use snippets to extend your workflow rules.


A variety of extensions

Configure workflows according to your preferences with no-code workflow extensions that go beyond native Jira functionality.

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Unlock the full potential of Jira’s workflow engine

Get the power and flexibility to customize Jira workflows – the way you want it.

A variety of extensions

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Coding for the non-coders

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Automate beyond workflows

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Manage at scale

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More features

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Point and click extensions

JMWE’s extensive collection of built-in, entirely no-code workflow extensions—including post functions, conditions, and validators—is easy to use and saves time.

Event-based actions

Instead of depending on issue transition to kick-off automation, JMWE can be triggered by events such as field updates, comments, links, or attachments added.

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Simplified script editor

Thanks to the smart, interactive help system, and built-in script tester, even non-coders can click their way through scripting to deploy advanced, bug-free workflows.

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Scheduled actions

Create automations to run at set times on selected Jira issues in your instance – useful for sending out email updates or escalating tasks.

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Shared actions

Quickly re-use common workflow extensions – including scripts – across multiple transitions and projects to greatly simplify maintenance.

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JMWE admin page

Your single point of reference for all JMWE workflow extensions. View detailed statistics including execution history, troubleshoot errors, and more.

“JMWE (and its sibling JMCF) are two apps that should be part of a well-balanced diet of apps in the Jira world. These tools let me do things that would be either difficult or even impossible, and they make it easy to do some esoteric things.”

Mike R.

“I'm not much of a Groovy code guy, so the prefilled clickable examples and their descriptions help a lot, and if I've ever been in a jam and can't get it right, the support always helps.”

Steve L.

“I have been using JMWE for more than five years (both server & cloud). Needless to say, JMWE is the greatest app !! Its additional based events launch its functionality into Spaces :)”

Ramonde Z.

Compatible apps 04

Build the perfect workflow automation combo

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JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

Streamline your workflow processes in Jira quickly without added complexity. JSU is an entirely no-code automation solution with a beginner-friendly, intuitive UX to help less technical admins tailor workflows to their team’s needs. 

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Power Scripts

Access deeper levels of automation, customization, and integration in Jira. This versatile script-based solution allows Jira admins to automate repetitive bulk tasks, tweak UI elements, and connect Jira to external, business-critical tools and data sources. 

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Comala Document Management

Add control to your Confluence workflows to meet quality and security standards. Manage the lifecycle of critical documents by setting expiration dates, custom review and approval processes, e-signatures, and more.

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Clone Plus for Jira

Reduce the time, effort, and errors involved in cloning issues — individually or in bulk. Clone Plus for Jira greatly simplifies the process by providing configuration settings, instant modifications, and templates unavailable in Jira natively.

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JQL Search Extensions

Leverage 50+ JQL search extensions to find attachments, links, subtasks, comments, versions, and links. Use JQL keywords to create powerful reports and dashboards.

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