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Change management

Minimize risks associated with IT changes to ensure smooth transitions and minimize downtimes.

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Main benefits

Implement critical changes to your systems and services safely while automating workflows, ensuring the right people are looped in at the right time.

Build unique review & approval processes

Change management

Fulfill change management requests on time

Change management

Implement changes safely

Change management

More benefits

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Implement changes safely

Easily incorporate additional condition, validation, and post-function capabilities to change management workflows.

Related asset visibility

Get better visibility into the changes that could impact laptops, computers, software licenses, and other assets for users.

Canned responses

Create response templates for common change requests that automatically trigger workflow events in Jira.

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Smart assignment capabilities

Automatically assign change management requests to the right people at the right time, every time.

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Apps that support change management


Comala Document Management

Streamline collaboration, ensure compliance, and improve governance across Jira and Confluence. Trigger custom Confluence document approvals based on specific Jira events or status changes, keep track of document audit trails, and ensure data traceability.

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Enhancer Plugin for Jira

Arm teams with KPI metrics to continuously improve service workflows. This includes the app’s time tracking report which allows teams to spot bottlenecks in their workflows, as well as custom fields, reports, conditions, validators, and post functions.

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Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

Give clients the ability to customize their workflows with over forty conditions, validators, and post functions, as well as advanced scripting capabilities and automation tools.

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Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time helping customers with dynamic templates for common tickets in Jira Service Management, bug reports, story points, feature requests, and other tasks in Jira Software.

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Time to SLA

Keep track of your service level agreements (SLAs) across teams in Jira Service Management and Jira Software with Time to SLA, the #1 SLA app in Jira helping you to fulfill more service requests on time.

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Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

Manage changes within your Jira environment with Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) which allows you to deploy configuration changes to test, stage, and production applications to reduce errors and minimize the risk of unnecessary downtime.

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Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira

Track the distribution, management, and servicing of physical assets (i.e., laptops, computers, and servers) and digital assets (i.e., software, application programs, and contracts) in both Jira Service Management and Software.

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“Comala Document Management made so much sense for us. It uses a Wiki-like structure for document management, enabled only by Comala Document Management.”

Ronny H.

“I use JMWE both in projects with ten users and more than 50,000 users, and in both cases, JMWE worked well.”

Felipe L.

“Fantastic app. It compliments Jira Service Management perfectly and has allowed us to easily set up complex SLA requirements that we couldn’t achieve with JSD’s inbuilt functionality. I highly recommend this app.”

Michael P.

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