Migrate and Manage

Migrate and Manage

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Consolidate or split Jira instances

Save time, effort, and costs when adjusting to organizational restructuring or acquisitions that require splitting or merging disparate instances.

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Main benefits

Easily consolidate or split Jira instances to meet changing business requirements.

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Adjust to evolving business dynamics

Keep Jira flexible and split (or merge) instances as your organization shifts through acquisitions, restructuring, or other evolutions.

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Spot & fix broken configurations, dupes

Automatically fix data inconsistencies or duplications to ensure a seamless and accurate transition while maintaining data integrity.

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Minimize annoying team interruptions

Automate data movement and make bulk changes while keeping everyone informed with minimal disruptions to daily operations.

More benefits

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Point-and-click automations

Easily streamline the movement of specific projects and configurations between instances.

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Source-to-target analysis 

Get a comprehensive dashboard view of all proposed additions, changes, and warnings.

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Logic-based large-scale automation

Streamline tedious manual tasks like automating backups or consolidating separate user groups.

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Guard and ensure data integrity

Scan for potential errors and resolve broken configurations before making significant changes.

Supporting apps 02

Apps to consolidate or split Jira instances

Migrate and Manage

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

Automate the movement of select projects and configurations to other environments, including test and staging.

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Integrity Check

Scan specific projects or the full Jira instance for broken configurations and missing references. Resolve any issues with a single click. (Included in CMJ)

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Power Admin for Jira

Search across Jira for configurations by name or type and see an itemized list of affected projects and drill-down dependencies. Perform actions like edit, merge, and delete from the same screen to make cleanup a breeze. (Included in CMJ)

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Power Scripts

Automate tedious tasks like filtering Jira data based on logic, cleaning up data duplicates or making granular data adjustments before or after a consolidation.

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Jira CLI

Import and export information at scale, integrate Jira with external systems and databases, perform mass updates and handle user administration in bulk.

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Announcer for Jira

Communicate important system changes and timelines by creating custom announcements that are shared in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

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“Configuration Manager is an absolute must-have for anyone merging Jira instances.”

Inayat N.

“We are working on a migration from one instance to another that runs in a different version. I used Jira CLI for IssueLinkage, Bulk download, and Upload attachments. It's a handy app.”

Jutamat T.

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