Migrate and Manage

Migrate and Manage

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Jira cleanup or optimization

Establish periodic cleanup by utilizing processes, standards, and automated workflows that reduce manual work.

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Main benefits

Increase Jira’s adoption across the organization with a more tailored user experience.

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Keep systems healthy

The best clean-up tools are the ones that admins use. Apply a best practice of routine cleanup that takes less time.

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Reduce end-user frustration

Automate manual, error-prone work. Clean up, duplicate/unused configurations to avoid performance issues.

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Enforce project consistency

Save time creating routine projects with customizable project templates and delegated permissions.

More benefits

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Project/system-level integrity checks

Identify broken or missing configurations and apply fixes with a single click.

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Duplicate/unused configurations identification at scale

Merge, delete, or update custom fields to improve overall system performance.

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Transparent Jira configuration views

Spot configuration object dependencies with sophisticated search and drill-down views.

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Tailored automations to declutter your instance

Import and export data at scale, filter through data based on logic, and clean up in bulk.

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Apps that enhance cleanup and optimization

Migrate and Manage

Announcer for Jira

Communicate any planned downtime or other critical announcements in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

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Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

Archive old projects by taking a project-level snapshot and deploying it to an archive system, then remove it from your production instance. Or create backups of critical projects or the entire system using snapshots.

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Power Scripts

Enforce project consistency by setting up custom permissions and workflows, filter through data based on logic, and automate data changes at large scale.

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Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

Import and export Jira instances at scale, filter through data based on logic, and clean up data in bulk across the instance

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Integrity Check for Jira

Scan the entire system or selected projects for broken configurations or missing references that could be causing performance issues. Resolve any issues with the suggested "quick fix" solutions on the same screen.

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Power Admin

Quickly identify duplicate or unused configurations that may be slowing down system performance. Delete, merge, or update them from the same screen.

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“I'm currently doing a cleanup of custom fields, and Power Admin is essential to finding all the dependent filters, boards, dashboards, and notification schemes.”

H. Brook

“For folks looking to automate away mundane tasks, [Jira CLI] is a powerful godsend.”

Keyur M.

“Jira CLI is handy for cleaning up configuration objects in Jira that are not used.”

Darryl L.

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