Migrate and Manage

Migrate and Manage

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Cloud migration

Audit your source instance, perform a cleanup, plan what gets migrated, make corrections during testing, and automate your migration.

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Main benefits

Accelerate, control, and optimize how you bring your business to Jira Cloud.

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Meet Atlassian's Server end-of-life timeline

Beat the clock and nail your consolidation, cleanup, optimization, and migration targets with powerful tools designed for businesses of all sizes.

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Banish post-migration surprises

Perform pre-migration analysis, automate deployments for testing and staging to control data movements, and avoid unexpected broken configurations.

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Streamline your mix of apps

Execute all migration phases with apps from a single vendor that prioritizes enterprise-grade security, compliance, and high-quality support.

More benefits

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System auditing

Get a dashboard view of all proposed additions, changes, and warnings.

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Source-to-target analysis 

Get a dashboard view of all proposed additions, changes, and warnings.

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Automate and apply changes in bulk

Clean up or modify data automatically before or after your Cloud migration.

Custom announcements displayed in Jira

Keep stakeholders informed about migration timelines and necessary actions.

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Apps that support and enhance migration capabilities

Migrate and Manage

Announcer for Jira

Communicate relevant migration information and timelines by creating custom announcements that are shared in Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

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Integrity Check for Jira

Scan specific projects or the entire source instance for broken configurations and missing references. Resolve any issues with a single click.

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Power Admin

Search your source instance for configurations by name or type and see an itemized list of affected projects and drill-down dependencies. Perform actions like edit, merge, and delete from the same screen to make cleanup a breeze.

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Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

Go beyond Jira’s native cloud migration tool and uncover detailed configuration analysis, a powerful migration engine, real-time data transformations, and advanced migration reports.

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Power Scripts

Automate repetitive tasks and processes related to your migration. Take instant corrective action in case issues arise during the migration or after.

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Jira CLI

Export data from your test instance and import it to your production instance, or perform bulk updates and changes with simple commands.

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“We did our big migration from Jira Server to Cloud this past weekend, [using CMJ] which went very smoothly. We have a configuration with almost 300k issues, 171 projects, and roughly 35 custom fields.”

Michael T.

“[Power Scripts] is an awesome app with great support. Migrating from Server/DC to Cloud has been less of a headache because of routine parity.”

Jaime R.

“Compared to other migration tools, [CMJ] provides powerful insight and information on what's being migrated and the relation between the configuration objects.”

Vinicius M.

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