Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

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Regulatory compliance

Customized Confluence solutions that streamline compliance with automated workflows and detailed reporting for regulatory adherence.

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Main benefits

Automated workflows and detailed reporting to equip you with the tools and insights you need for regulatory adherence.

Future proof your business

Future-proof your business

Safeguard your organization with standardized processes, automation, and detailed reporting. A streamlined KMS ensures swift risk mitigation.

Quality security standards

Meet quality and security standards

Efficiently manage security audits and optimize Confluence document management to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

Scale with confidence

Scale with confidence

Ease regulatory management as your business expands. Flexible apps ensure content consistency and streamline processes via automation.

More benefits

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Effective Document Management

Automate document review, maintain consistency in page excerpts and set expiration dates for timely updates in regulatory documents.

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The right documents to the right recipients

Auto-publish updates to restricted repositories, ensuring access only to approved documents meeting regulatory standards.

Better data oversight and control

Enhance data governance: Confluence for e-signatures, password-protected dashboards, and external data integration safeguard sensitive info.

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Continuously improve

Simplify trend analysis, identify potential gaps, and improve compliance with process changes that improve team efficiency.

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Preserve data continuity

Maintain access to historical reports and documents while enabling updates to comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

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A single source of truth

Enhance Confluence with apps that empower users to efficiently create, organize, share, and analyze information.

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Apps to get your documentation audit-ready

Knowledge Management

Comala Publishing

Keep your draft and published Confluence documentation separate - continue collaborating without compromising the finalized content. Integrates with Comala Document Management

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Comala Document Management

Streamline collaboration across Confluence. Automate customized document approvals based on specific events or status changes, track document audit trails, and ensure data traceability.

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Docs+ for Slack

Manage your knowledge base from Slack with two-way integration. Locate content in Confluence from Slack, save Slack messages to Confluence pages, and subscribe to get content update alerts. Integrates with Comala Document Management (Data Center).

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Advanced Tables for Confluence

Integrate, format, and display external data in Confluence to enhance its functionality as a centralized hub. With real-time visualization capabilities, presenting data in a visually appealing way becomes effortless.

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Quickly reproduce and reuse content by consolidating multiple excerpts onto a single Confluence page. Easily share information from one location to multiple pages and spaces. Integrates with Comala Document Management (Data Center)

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Scaffolding Forms & Templates for Confluence

When project requirements change, live and dynamic templates adapt alongside your team. Pages stay consistently formatted even as templates undergo updates. Integrates with Comala Document Management (Data Center)

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“[Comala Document Management] is an essential part of our ISO processes. The app is easy to set up and customize and it's very easy for users of the system.”

Duncan M.

“Excellent product that adds great functionality to confluence as a document management system. We use Document Management and Publishing for our Quality Management Systems.”

Bob J.

“[MultiExcerpt] is the definitive content-sourcing app for Confluence. We tried it on trial, loved it, and have been very happy together for years since. We use thousands of these.”


“A great addition to our Confluence, [Scaffolding] makes our data and forms more structured. Aside from the awesome product, the support people are great too! Highly recommended.”

Nicole P.

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