Optimize Confluence 

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Optimize Confluence 

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Create, update, and share multiple excerpts easily across Confluence pages and spaces, without the pain of manual cutting and pasting.

Create, update, and share multiple excerpts easily across Confluence pages and spaces, without the pain of manual cutting and pasting.

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Improve your productivity & time management

Efficiently distribute information across Confluence’s pages and spaces while minimizing copy-and-paste tasks.

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Access a centralized source of information

Have reliable, consistent, and current information at your fingertips by automatically syncing an excerpt’s source page.

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Get enhanced content excerpt rendering

Transfer content inline or in resizable blocks and render inline comments from excerpted content to enhance collaboration.

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Teams who trust us

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Keep information across Confluence clear & consistent

Reproduce & reuse content easily

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A single source of truth

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Flexible content display

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Intuitive content search

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More features

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Flexible integrations settings

Integrate information from several sources within one document (e.g. newsletter, project reports, Q&As, legal requirements, salary and benefits details).

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Customizable content (only Cloud)

 Create variables in the source macro to customize the content according to your needs easily.

Enhanced content control (only DC)

Enable users to include content from restricted pages and spaces with specific users and/or groups, as well as managing inline comments' visibility.

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Support compliance efforts

Seamless integration with Comala Document Management to recognize workflow statuses and include only approved content.

Our team relies on MultiExcerpt for clearer, more accessible documentation. It streamlines our process, ensuring consistency and accuracy across multiple documents.

Artem Taranenko

IT Technology Operations Analyst, Benevity

One of the largest HR companies in The Netherlands is using Multi-Excerpt for managing and share compliance content

MultiExcerpt is a great App that adds great functionalities that go beyond the out-of-the-box standards. The app is a great help in compiling content in Confluence. I really recommend testing it.

Lars B.

Supporting apps 04

Apps to boost Confluence documentation capabilities

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HTML for Confluence

View and render HTML, XML & XHTML content easily & securely to increase customization of Confluence pages

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LaTeX Math

Seamlessly include mathematical expressions and complex formulas in your Confluence pages

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Copy Page Tree

Enhance productivity by copying page trees to reuse them within the same Confluence space or across different spaces

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Numbered Headings

Configure documents so they automatically number headings for an efficient and user-friendly experience

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