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Visibility and reporting

Help teams and stakeholders feel confident moving forward with tools to make progress transparent.

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Main benefits

Let employees see how their work connects to other teams — how they are associated with goals at all levels and pacing towards them together.

Get a 360-degree view

Visibility and reporting

Expand reporting capabilities

 shareable composable reports.

Make work visible

Visibility and reporting charts

More benefits

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Map dependencies

Visualize dependencies and risks with boards, timelines, and tables.

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Build multi-project reports

Go beyond what’s possible with Jira dashboards and gadgets to build comprehensive, cross-project reports.

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Share reports with ease

Share dashboards safely with teams and external stakeholders.

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Export information

Export visualizations and data to various data formats (exporting available with BigTemplate).

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Apps that enhance Agile visibility and reporting


Dashboard Hub

Expand your reporting capabilities even further with business-case-specific reports and easily share them with stakeholders. Build multi-project reports that go beyond what’s possible with Jira dashboards and gadgets and visualize enterprise-wide progress and share reports with ease.

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BigPicture - Project Management & PPM

Map out your portfolio's dependencies between tasks, deliverables, initiatives, resources, and risks with a 360-degree view of all planned, ongoing, and completed initiatives across the organization — regardless of the approach, methodology, or framework used.

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BigPicture Enterprise

Supercharge BigPicture for Jira to tackle complex enterprise needs with unlimited initiative templates, endless what-if scenarios, and customizable Cloud Data Center location.

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Augment BigPicture for Jira and BigPicture Enterprise with data exporting and importing capabilities. BigTemplate supports leading file formats used in enterprises by product, project, and portfolio managers.

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“Dashboard Hub has been beneficial with the ability for Scrum teams to see their velocity along with other metrics on a dashboard.”

Apryl H.

“We were looking for a tool integrated with Jira to schedule tasks and create roadmaps. I evaluated many solutions, and BigPicture was one of the winners. We use it to visualize our roadmap (Gantt chart) after the tasks are scheduled, to track progress, and to make small adjustments.”

Sandra K.

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