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Visualize, track & 

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with ease

Visualize, track & 

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with ease

Unlock powerful business insights with reporting built for teams – easily create and share dashboards with intuitive and custom metrics.

Unlock powerful business insights with reporting built for teams – easily create and share dashboards with intuitive and custom metrics.

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Limitless visualization

See the whole picture with effortless dashboards. Build them in minutes with customizable templates and charts.

Share reports in seconds

Boost external transparency by easily sharing reports with just a few clicks.

All your data, centralized

Getting the whole team on the same page? It can happen. They’ll have one landing place with fewer tools to wrangle.

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Teams who trust us

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Enhance visualization. Simplify reporting.

Elevate your data game with centralized and highly sharable dashboards that turn data into actionable insights.

Pre-define dashboard templates & external share

Pre-defined templates and external share

A central data hub for reporting


Powerful custom charts for reporting




More features

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Portfolio-level reporting

Visualize multi-instance, multi-project, and cross team data in a single dashboard to consolidate data from all your projects and teams, at once.

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Gain unlimited horizontal scalability, advanced permissions, and global access restrictions. Connect data from different instances in a single dashboard.

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Dynamic filters

Zoom in on certain metrics and indicators using personal and customized filtering options, from entire dashboards to specific gadgets.

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Compatible with native dashboards

Use the whole list of more than 75 powerful metrics and 10 integrations on native Jira dashboards.


Start focusing on what’s really important and stop wasting time configuring. Intuitive to use for all technical skill levels.

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Bells and whistles

Enjoy slideshow options, dark mode, wallboard mode, auto refresh, Dilbert strip, weather gadget and multi-language features.

I am excited to see where this product goes as the dashboard by itself is a boon compared to JSM’s native views and visual reporting tools, which are sorely lacking.

Collin B.

Great app for displaying the information from any Atlassian service, like the Jira Service Desk, the sprint metrics, etc. Easy to configure and all the information you want in a centralized view.

Jorge M.

I struggled with finding all the KPIs I needed to support my team's development efforts. Dashboard Hub ticks more boxes than I could imagine, and gives me near real-time insight into what my four project-based teams are working on.

James P.

We've been using the Dashboard Hub for about three weeks and it has become an indispensable tool for communicating the effort estimates and tracking the development progress.

Alex C.

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Build the perfect dashboard visualization combo

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Time to SLA

Revise how you report SLAs and other service desk KPIs in Jira while gaining business insights across teams, projects, and Atlassian tools by pulling the robust SLA metrics into sharable, customizable dashboards.

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Get an overview of BigPicture projects in centralized dashboards. Create cross-team dashboards that help stakeholders and managers get a unified view of multiple projects and their progress, resource utilization, and overall status.

Learn more

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Dashboard Hub for other platforms

Get more done with enterprise collaboration solutions built for your team, your ecosystem, and your best work. When work flows, ideas do too.

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Level up your Confluence with dashboard and chart macros, redirections, and custom Confluence dashboards.

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