Comala Document Management

Document management

made logo-comala-document-management easy

Document management

made logo-comala-document-management easy

Automate your document lifecycle process so you have more time for your to-do list.

Automate your document lifecycle process so you have more time for your to-do list.

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Set it and forget it

Approvals, notifications, deadlines, review cadences —make them all automatic, so you can focus on other tasks. 
This reflects the order in which actions are taken when using the product.

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Get true flexibility

Boost efficiency and customer happiness with a strong, scalable Quality Management System. Adapt workflows effortlessly to changing needs, no matter the scale.

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Support compliance initiatives

Use reports, workflows, page expiration dates, and e-signature capabilities to keep everything standardized.

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Teams who trust us

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Adaptive, flexible options for hassle-free document control

Automated reviews & approvals

Comala Document Management Feature 1

Governance of Confluence Content

Comala Document Management Feature 2

Detailed Reporting Options

Comala Document Management Feature 3

More features

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Custom workflow parameters and triggers

Build workflows that identify the intended audience, the intended interaction, and the expiration date. Then, execute actions based on these rules.

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Macros to personalize actions and formats

Embed state, status, and document activity data onto a page using macros. Data center users can add even more automation and use macros to control how the workflow functions.

Customized notifications

Let your reviewers know what’s required of them by adding personalized notifications to your workflows.

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E-signature capabilities

Keep everything online: compliance, access control, security, and more.

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Workflow states

Displaying the workflow state adds transparency to your documents. Your team will know where a document is in its lifecycle, mitigating the risk of misinformation.

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Easy content publishing

Quickly separate draft and published content by integrating with Comala Publishing. Workflows can be configured to automatically publish content updates, providing internal and external customers with accurate and up-to-date information.

“A really useful app, it is an integral part of our document control process. The workflow builder is really useful and we customize it based on the team.”

Mikael S.

“Comala Document Management was the reason we decided [on] Confluence. It made sense for us to use a Wiki-like structure. This was enabled by Comala Document Management. I did not find any comparable application.”

Ronny H.

“Nice app to fulfill regulatory requirements for document management. Incredibly fast and helpful support!”

Patrick S.

Compatible apps 04

Build the perfect document management combo

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