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Get better reporting

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Easily build and share centralized dashboards and charts that can be embedded in your Confluence pages.

Easily build and share centralized dashboards and charts that can be embedded in your Confluence pages.

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Build dashboards in Confluence

Enable a single source of truth for your teams in Confluence with custom templates, nearly 100 gadgets, and +15 integrations to create centralized dashboards.

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Level up your team’s Confluence pages

Provide dynamic and real-time data insights by easily embedding your custom charts and dashboards into your pages.

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Redirect users and groups

Improve team alignment by defining Filter Rules to redirect users and groups to the relevant information for them.

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Teams who trust us

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Enhanced visualization and simplified reporting

Pre-defined templates and external share

Pre-defined templates and external share

Powerful custom charts and macros

Powerful custom charts and macros

Filter rules for redirection

Filter rules for redirection

More features

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Portfolio-level reporting

Visualize multi-instance, multi-project, and cross team data in a single dashboard to consolidate data from all your projects and teams, at once.

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Connect data from different instances in a single dashboard.Gain unlimited horizontal scalability, advanced permissions, and global access restrictions.

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Dynamic filters

Zoom in on certain metrics and indicators using personal and customized filtering options, from entire dashboards to specific gadgets.


Start focusing on what’s really important and stop wasting time configuring. Intuitive to use for all technical skill levels.

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Bells and whistles

Enjoy slideshow options, dark mode, wallboard mode, auto refresh, Dilbert strip, weather gadget and multi-language features.

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Enable a single source of truth where your teams can align and deliver their best work. No more jumping across different tools.

I am excited to see where this product goes as the Dashboard by itself is a boon compared to JSM's native views and visual reporting tools, which are sorely lacking.

Collin B.

Great app for displaying the information from any Atlassian service, like the Jira Service Desk, the sprint metrics, etc. With the advantage of building the dashboard in a few clicks.

Jorge M.

I was looking for an app to create nice looking dashboards in Confluence, and having several integrations and the custom charts is a plus. Must-have app!

Javier R.

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