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Your powerful

 tune up Power Admin logo tool

Your powerful

 tune up Power Admin logo tool

Improve Jira's performance and reduce time and effort spent administering large instances. Optimize, automate, and gain complete system transparency.

Improve Jira's performance and reduce time and effort spent administering large instances. Optimize, automate, and gain complete system transparency.

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Full transparency across your instance

Get instant visibility and details into element dependencies and relationships across the instance. Search and find a configuration element with end-to-end information about its usage with a few simple clicks.

Change impact analysis

Evaluate the impact in real-time for any considered change or system clean-up and securely introduce those changes across the chain of dependencies without breaking a configuration or disrupting day-to-day activities..

Deep system clean-up and performance improvement

Optimize your Jira instance, regardless of its size. Do a Jira configuration analysis and understand complex dependencies of any element within minutes. Safely remove configuration elements that are no longer needed.

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Make Jira faster, wiser, and more transparent

Power Admin’s features help you automate work, solve difficult administrative tasks, and safely introduce corruption-free configuration changes across all elements.

Use faster and detailed search UI

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Easily merge custom fields

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Find Jira Service Management Projects

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More features

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Locate all user-installed apps & understand usage

Optimize use of resources by understanding the usage of all user-installed apps on a Jira instance. This helps to plan in renewing/upgrading licenses as well as minimizing costs, downtime and the impact on end users.

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Execute smart changes

Perform different actions, like configure, edit, copy, delete for each configuration element without 
worrying to break other elements.

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Use built-in tips to fix configuration errors

Discover errors in project configurations' integrity, using the built-in root cause analysis and tool tips. Understand which elements are affected and how to resolve errors and minimize downtime.

Handy set of utilities for every Jira Admin, especially if you're starting fresh on a big (and chaotic) instance with no knowledge of what previous admins did. The utility for custom fields management quickly became my favorite while preparing for a merge with another instance.

Marco B.

Best app for a Jira admin! My team uses this to clean up our messy Jira, and we love it!

Fazila A.

Outstanding! A MUST-HAVE plugin for every Jira admin.

Stefano C.

Compatible apps 04

Build the perfect Jira cleanup combo

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Configuration Manager for Jira

If you need the complete Jira migration and configuration management tool, CMJ is the solution. The app includes Power Admin for Jira, so there is no need to spend additional resources on two separate products.

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Integrity Check for Jira

Pair up Power Admin with Integrity Check for Jira for the ultimate pre-migration check-in and clean-up. Identify and remove broken configurations in your source, archive unused projects or data, and clean up your instance before the migration.

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