Enhancer Plugin for Jira

One plugin,

 endless Enhancer Plugin potential

One plugin,

 endless Enhancer Plugin potential

Automate ITSM across Jira Service Management and Jira Software. Identify bottlenecks, and see the “bigger picture” to improve service quality.

Automate ITSM across Jira Service Management and Jira Software. Identify bottlenecks, and see the “bigger picture” to improve service quality.

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Enhanced custom fields for meaningful context

Quickly establish and set your KPIs with custom fields — so your data actually means something.

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Enhanced workflows for easy customization

Tons of workflow conditions, validators, and post functions make it easy for teams to customize and optimize their processes.

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Enhanced reports for quick analysis

Performance analysis made easy. Get insights on individual issues to projects with multiple workflows.

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Teams who trust us

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Enhance your workflows, spot bottlenecks, and improve processes

Enhance your ITSM workflows

Enhancer Plugin Feature 1

No code needed

Enhancer Plugin Feature 2

Time-tracking made easy

Enhancer Plugin Feature 3

Customized calendars

Enhancer Plugin Feature 4

Functionality that checks all the boxes

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Boost resolution time

See how quickly issues and projects are being completed with the Resolution Time, Resolutions vs Reopenings, and many more reports.

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Smart issue assignment

Distribute tickets based on strategies such as "round robin" and "least loaded users".

Custom comment field

View comment data such as the first/last comment made, the user who made the comment and the time it was made directly in the issue navigator.

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Customized reports

Get reports on your team such as Total Resolutions Per User, User Performance, First Resolved User, First Response Time, and User/Group History Report.

“We have used this plugin for over three years for workflow extensions and custom fields. It is a must-have if you need to create custom fields. We have bundled it with the Time to SLA plugin from the same vendor, as we needed more SLA functions. Extremely satisfied with both.”

Josh H.

“This plugin helps us to produce KPIs, which allows us to identify possible bottlenecks inside and between teams. The support is really good and reactive, the provider is client-focused, open-minded, and ready to resolve requests.”

Mathieu D.

“We are a leading Atlassian partner and this app is often included in our projects for customers. Configuration is easy and it simplifies custom field creation and management which our customers love. It's also a great app for a low price, delivering great value for money.”

John M.

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Build the perfect workflow combo

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Time to SLA

Service level agreements (SLAs) are another KPI for IT and support teams. Fulfill more service requests on time with Time to SLA, the #1 SLA app in Jira. The app also tracks SLAs across teams in Jira Service Management and Jira Software. 

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Dashboard Hub

View the Enhancer Plugin for Jira’s robust KPI metrics in Dashboard Hub, alongside reports and charts with live data from across your Atlassian tools (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence, and Bitbucket).

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Improve service desk KPIs such as First Response Time and Time to Resolution with dedicated support channels in Slack. Employees can quickly request support while support teams can resolve these requests directly from Slack, syncing everything in Jira Service Management.

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Slack Integration+

Enhance your developer workflows by integrating Jira Software with Slack or Microsoft Teams. Integration+ gives your employees an easy way to request development support and teams a quick way to respond with seamless two-way integration. 

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Canned Responses Pro Templates

Optimize support processes by minimizing the time spent on repetitive tasks. Canned Responses Pro Templates allows teams to create dynamic templates for common tickets in Jira Service Management, bug reports, story points, feature requests, and other tasks in Jira Software. 

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