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Simplify, streamline, 

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Simplify, streamline, 

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Meet teams where they're already working with dedicated Slack channels for development support that automatically sync with Jira Software.

Meet teams where they're already working with dedicated Slack channels for development support that automatically sync with Jira Software.

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Key benefits 01

Collaborate better

Auto-sync with backend users so you can work together, any way you work all in real time.

Deep integration

Plays well with all Jira versions and supports customers with data residency, self-hosting, and secure cloud options.

Insights you can use

Scheduled reporting, plus enterprise-ready management and reporting tools give you actionable insights.

Customers 02

Teams who trust us

Key features 03

Less context-switching, more productivity

Slack Integration+ will get you there. Packed with automations, Slack shortcuts, and more to make to help you make the most of Jira.

Two-way integration

This app offers industry-leading, enterprise-class integration for Jira Cloud and Data Center. 

View & update Jira issues in Slack

Maximize productivity by minimizing context-switching as teams can view and update Jira issues directly in Slack.

Create Slack channels for Jira issues

Resolve issues and swarm incidents faster by looping team members into dedicated Slack channels.

We chose Integration+ after our home-grown solution no longer met our needs. The app does everything we need and more.

Nick M.

We have increased our communication and greatly reduced inbox noise for our team.

Devon P.

Eliminates duplication and allows work to become highly visible. Very positive experience!

Phen S.

Compatible apps 04

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