Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira

Maximize return,
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Maximize return,
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Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter scores (NPS), retention rates, and much more by modernizing and automating service delivery workflows.

Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter scores (NPS), retention rates, and much more by modernizing and automating service delivery workflows.

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Gain valuable insights

Get a streamlined, clear line of sight into asset spending and usage—including hardware, licenses, services, and contracts.

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Cross-team collab is a snap

Link assets to issues in JSM and Jira Software and boost collaboration across IT, Support, and Dev on ITSM workflows.

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Eliminate double work

Convert existing assets, inventory, and configurations into dynamic and reusable assets by importing spreadsheets and data from legacy tools.

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Teams who trust us

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Total visibility into spending and utilization of assets

Handy Asset Navigator

Canned Feature 1

Asset modeling capability

Canned Feature 2

Streamline workflows in Jira

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“This Plugin is very useful. It was an easy and quick setup. It works very fast for our ~25K assets. We managed to automate integration with the app's API. The support team responded quickly and resolved my issue (thanks again). I highly recommend this plugin.”

Marco A.

“Our company uses this plugin extensively. It is widely integrated into several projects and departments with many business processes. The usability and speed are excellent, and API also works quite well. New Dashboard UI is very convenient.”


“Our company recently began an overhaul of managing our inventory and decided to use JIRA. I found this plugin and have been very pleased with the results. I wanted to find something easy to use and wouldn't have a large learning curve for the less JIRA-experienced users...The plugin is very flexible and allows for high customization.”

Brian M.

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Build the perfect assets and inventory combo

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Time to SLA

Set SLAs for the distribution, management, and servicing of assets within Jira Service Management and Jira Software. Ensure laptops are ordered and set up in time for new starters, SSL certificates are updated promptly to avoid downtime, and more.

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Slack Integration+

Give your employees an easy way to request development support, for their assets or any other service, in dedicated channels within Slack and Microsoft Teams. Requests and subsequent conversations are captured in Jira Software with advanced two-way integration. [39]

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Give your employees an easy way to request support with their assets and other services directly from Slack with HelpDesk+, which offers an AI-powered two-way integration with Jira Service Management.

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Dashboard Hub

Integrate the Assets and Inventory Plugin with Dashboard Hub to view data such as the number of assets within your organization or a particular team/location, costs associated with different assets, SSL certificates about expiring, and more.

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Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira

Create dynamic templates for frequently asked questions about assets and other common tickets in Jira Service Management and bug reports, story points, feature requests, and other tasks in Jira Software.

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